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My head is really big


My head is so big, it's practically toppling off my neck at the moment. Here's why: An unexpected shout-out! I like to poke around Girl about O-town's blog because she always seems to know what new funky things are going on around Ottawa. Not the same ol' stuff -- fresh, interesting stuff! I love admiring great design -- paper, home, web -- and as it happens, not only does she as well but she also creates a lot too. So much so, she just … [Read more...]

A pelvic exam without my consent?

As you know, I am now bopping around in Twitter checking it all out and making new friends, er, followers. Today I started to notice some tweets about women having pelvic exams done to them while they are unconscious in the hospital. Like many bits of way too information that I let into my day, I let it go into my line of sight and then right back out -- I easily dismissed it as something pulled from a trashy magazine or something. But the … [Read more...]

An Ode to a Teacher

If you live in Ontario, you still have a few days left to submit a nomination to the Premier's Teaching Awards for Excellence. Just being nominated means the world for a hard-working teacher! Below is my nomination and a public shout-out to a special teacher in our daughter's life. Please feel free to use my comments section to share your thoughts or memories of teachers that have made an impact in your life or the lives of your children. … [Read more...]

I buzzed over to Montreal this weekend

mantis sma

To push myself up into the higher ranks of the Mother-of-the-Year contest, I took Stella to Montreal this weekend. Yes, we went shopping and got Mommy & Me pedi's & mani's! Did I have you convinced -- even momentarily -- on that one? Okay, okay. We know my Stella would never entertain such notions. But I did go to Montreal. And I just may be up for Mother-of-the-Year, too! Because, surely, spending the weekend looking at tarantulas, … [Read more...]

Julie visits the ER


It's not too often that one gets to do something for the first time after 38 years on this earth. But through a combination of good luck and conscientious avoidance, I have never had a visit to the ER. Yesterday, however, I was initiated to life in the ER. I spent from 7 am to 3 pm there -- 8 hours of my life I will never get back (or get paid for, for that matter). I started getting abdominal pains on my right side at dinner time on Tuesday. … [Read more...]

I’m a twit

I've been curious about Twitter for a while now. Although I'm completely captivated by social media,  I've been holding off on joining because it just seemed like one more way for me to suck time out of my day. But this week I joined. My brother's response was "It was inevitable." My husband's response was "Just be careful what you 'put out there'." My response? I'm still undecided. On the one hand, it is really fun to exchange quick little … [Read more...]

I did my homework on homework

As a follow-up from this post/rant, I did a bit of digging on this homework research I've heard people reference. And like most things -- or at least most research data -- it can be interpreted in a few different ways. Since the topic sparked a bit of interest, I thought I'd share what I'd found. Kind of like a Coles Notes version (come on, you used Coles Notes at least once, didn't ya?). Okay, so in one corner of the ring you have the more … [Read more...]

Your homework is interrupting my day

If you hang around with parents of young children long enough, you're bound to hear complaints about homework. I've been hearing this kind of chatter well before I had a child who was in school and I think I've finally hit my threshold on it. (And so I shall inflict my rant upon my unsuspecting blog readers. Evil laugh.)  ******** Here's the scene: I'm at a playdate/get-together at a friend's house. I don't know any of the other parents … [Read more...]

Invasion of the vibro-bots


The favourite after-dinner storybook at our house lately is this: Basic Electronics by McWhorter & Evans Remember how you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover? As if! Judge away! I think this cover says it all, actually. As my mother-in-law would say, "boring as batshit." But not to hubby and Stella. The dining room has been covered with all sorts of mechanical pieces and manuals and tools. I've been keeping my distance, but … [Read more...]

Lucky number 13


It was a magical day, as they say. Thirteen years ago. The day that I married the boy I loved. Now the boy is no longer. And a man stands in his place. I never imagined then, that my love could be deeper. Could be stronger. More powerful and intense. If he weeps, I weep harder. When he rejoices, my hearts goes into flight. A new experience is nothing, if not shared with him. I love this dear man. Who used to be the boy I loved. Thank … [Read more...]

A Blogger’s 2009 in Review

Like a fun game of tag, I am going to follow after Andrea and do a Blogger's 2009 in Review. Here’s what you do. Just take the first line of the first post of every month and repost them in one big post. I started blogging in June of this year (and already changed the layout 3 times!). So here's how mine reads ... June: I know the lawn needs mowing. July: I Am Canadian. August: Writers are always on the hunt for ways to improve their … [Read more...]

The Winter Resolution Series: Getting the Gear

gear small

On December 4th, I made a public resolution on this blog. And that was: Find a way to enjoy winter. Notice how I didn't use the word "love," but simply "enjoy" (as in, "not hate with a bitterness that last three months"). On today, the first day of not only a fresh new year, but also a fresh new decade, it seems like an apt time to share an update. The experts (i.e. my husband) insist that enjoying winter is all about getting the right gear. … [Read more...]