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5 best travel blogs

5 best travel blogs
Ottawa Citizen, Travel Section (print edition), Dec 26/2009, H2
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These travel blogs are a combination of practical tip-providing, insider info-sharing and inspiring tales. Whether you like to travel or simply like to dream of travelling, these sites are sure to please.

1. Travels with two
For the couple that finds it hard to escape from the daily grind, this blog will be a welcome read. Encouraging words and ideas for making your vacation happen.

2. Intelligent travel
This award-winning blog authored by National Geographic highlights places, practices, and people that are on the front lines of sustainable travel.


3. The city traveler
No hidden cabins in the woods here — this blog is dedicated to the city-lover. A newcomer on the scene, this site is the voice of seasoned travel writers.

4. Travel rants
If pretty sunsets on the beach are not your thing, check out Mr. Rants. He blogs about the trials and frustrations that come with interacting with the travel industry.

5. Family travel with kids
Although technically more a site than a blog, it’s a must-click for anyone planning a family trip. Searchable by geographic location, activity type or even a child’s age.

Julie Harrison, who loves reading blogs on her coffee breaks