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Boot Camp Experience, Part 2: If it sounds too good to be true, it (of course!) is


I've been following the girls over at Losing It In Ottawa, and a couple of them mentioned that they were looking forward to their upcoming experience in a boot camp. It piqued my interest. I'd done a "boot camp" styled workout program once before and definitely saw results. And right now, I think I need to see some results to feel motivated to work out regularly and stay healthy. I already own a gym membership, have access to lots of nice … [Read more...]

Boot Camp Experience, Part 4: How I feel at the one-week mark

Strong woman

So, I managed to get myself signed up for Boot Camp AND I managed to show up to the first session. But how did the first full week go? Really well! After only one short week, I am already stronger. I can do more sit-ups, more push-ups and more squats. This image is an original untitled work by Krista Jenkins. And there really is nothing more gratifying than getting out of bed and feeling sore muscles. Yes, you heard me right! … [Read more...]

Boot Camp Experience, Part 1: Be Careful What You Wish For

At the end of my Itchy post, I said I was running off to catch up with a friend. And indeed, that is what I did. Despite living in the same city, we have not seen each other for months. Many months! Such is the state of a parent's social life. But really, there is no good excuse for this. One needs to MAKE time for the important things in life, right?These important things should not only be paying bills on time and managing mountainfuls of … [Read more...]

Boot Camp Experience, Part 5: Just the facts, ma’am

My four-week boot camp experience with Booty Camp Fitness has now come to a close. It involved two weekly sessions of an hour each. We were also "supposed" to follow diet guidelines and use exercise videos in between sessions. But I really can't say I held up that side of the bargain, besides doing my best to limit white starches as well as to not eat any junk food. So, here's the facts, just the facts .... Inches Lost Upper Arm: … [Read more...]

Bootcamp Experience, Part 3: Multi-tasking is good for you

As I mentioned in my “Itchy” post, I’m going to focus on making time for my friendships. The rationale for this completely selfish; I get a lot out of even just small bursts of girlfriend time. But it is hard to squeeze time out of already-overloaded days and exhausted bodies. So, I’m multi-tasking! There really is no other way to fit in both exercise and friend-time, so I managed to convince my good friend Mandy* to sign-up for Booty Boot … [Read more...]

On the topic of new year’s resolutions

In yesterday's National Post, an article titled "America is losing the war with itself" spun out a number of topics we've been discussing here related to the obesity problem that Canada is facing (I first wrote about this here, then again two days later here, and then because the comments gave me so much food for thought, a third time here.) Of particular interest to me is the connection that the author, George F. Will, makes between North … [Read more...]

The year that was

Don't ask me how another year has flown by. It's downright spooky how time seems to be speeding up with each year that I get older. One minute, my children are pudgy little babes, and in the next, I can barely carry them they are such big kids. I've decided to look back through my blog posts as a reminder of all the things that we've shared this year. (It makes the time not seem so fast to do this, somehow.) And I picked one highlight from … [Read more...]

The Week of the Rain Cheque

I have holed myself up in my bedroom with a new episode of Glee and a beer (yes, I'm out of red wine). Actually, as this episode moves forward, I'm starting to suspect that this too is another Glee repeat. Which would go with the rain cheque theme of my week. Here is what I have managed to do so far this week: Shower Work Wash dishes Laundry That's it. Just the very basics for me this week. Everything else is on rain cheque. I … [Read more...]

Zumba® Fitness and My Quest for True Love


Growing up, I loved to dance. Most days after school, I grabbed a bus and headed to the studio for a class. Some evenings, I had two classes. I simply couldn’t get enough of them! When I was about 17 years old, I stopped taking classes and then moved away for university, where there were no classes offered. I didn’t realize then how big a loss that was … losing my true love. Since then, I’ve tried rugby (played winger when they let me off the … [Read more...]

“Month of Me” post #02: Celebrating with my Mom

The "Month of Me" project that I first told you about here is coming together mighty nicely! On October 5th, I will be toasting a happy birthday to my mother in New York City ... here's a little more on the that ... On this day 40 years ago, a young woman was seven days overdue to give birth to her first child. Due on September 15th, there was no doubt in her mind that this baby was conceived during her husband’s short break during army boot … [Read more...]

Five resolutions for 2011

I certainly don't need any new resolutions to keep for the year ahead because I am finding it hard to keep the ones I've already made! They are: 1. Make time for girlfriend time This is a resolution I made back in a post on November 9, 2010. At that time, I called it a "small change" but it is remarkably difficult to maintain since my girlfriends and I have all generally have young families and jobs. But I will keep at it! For example, … [Read more...]

Did you nominate me for a Canadian Weblog Award?

Did you nominate me for a Canadian Weblog Award? Oh wait ... don't answer that! I think that must of been when I threatened not to buy birthday presents for anyone in my family if they didn't nominate me. Well, regardless, I am really, super, incredibly, honking, excited to share some news with you: Coffee with Julie is shortlisted for the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards! Shortlisted, my friends!! I just found out last night and as soon as I … [Read more...]

Mama got her groove back


I've been having a great vacation. Lots of relaxing. Hanging out. Laughing. All that sort of thing. But for some reason, I've been feeling a little, well, blah. Not a lot. Just a bit. I wondered why ... then I realized that I was spending a lot of time on the beach watching people walk around in bikinis while I was wearing a bathing suit that was handed down to me by a friend who'd lost weight and gave me all her "fat" clothes. Now, … [Read more...]