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Montreal is Aflutter

Montreal is Aflutter this Weekend
By Julie Harrison

Step amid orange and black fluttering wings as more than 400 monarchs are tagged and released by Montreal’s Insectarium staff this long weekend.

 “The Monarch Odyssey” event, hosted every autumn, is a fascinating educational experience for children and adults alike. The endurance that the monarch butterfly demonstrates in its annual migration continues to baffle scientists: these insects, which weight less than half a gram each, travel for more than two and a half months and, from the Montreal’s Insectarium, travel more than 4,000 km to the high mountains of Mexico.

While you’re at the Insectarium this weekend, don’t forget to reserve your Monarch Raising Kit for 2010 ($85). This popular program really takes the learning home by providing five caterpillars, a milkweed plant in a pot, a portable butterfly tent, self-adhesive Monarch Watch tags and a guide for raising your very own monarchs!

The Monarch Odyssey
Where: Montreal’s Insectarium
When: September 5, 6, and 7 at 2:30 pm
Cost: $16 for adult, $8 for youth
To plan your visit and get driving directions:

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