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A child's prayer

10-popcicleI’m not much for formal religion, but this prayer came home in my daughter’s school bag yesterday and I just loved it. It seems like a perfect wish-list for a child’s summer, doesn’t it?



A Prayer

May no cats get in your sandbox
May your frisbees always spin
May your fridge be filled with oranges
May you love the life you’re in.

May your teddy be fuzzy
May your rainy days be wet
May your teacher tell your stories
That you never will forget.

May your fingernails get dirty.
May your underwear be clean
May your monsters all be friendly
May your grass be mostly green.

May your world spin topsy-turvy
May you love from inside out
May your parents hug you always
May they hardly ever shout.

May your enemies eat sugar
May you play the Superdome
May your friends be slightly crazy
May you always have a home.

May your popsicles stay frozen
May your dreams be true and deep
May you close your eyes and snuggle
May you have a good night’s sleep.

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