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A conversation about Twitter and DH

I joined Twitter back in January 2010, and at the time I felt really undecided about it. But now, there is no indecision. The plain fact is that I love it. It amuses me to no end.

I know that non-Twitter folks find the whole thing “meaningless” and therefore a waste of time. However, I think the meaningless stuff is what is most amusing. Sure, I also hear about local earthquakes, international breaking news, amber alerts, Health Canada warnings, and just about any other kind of serious event well before those who are not on twitter. And I appreciate that. But I think it’s likely that I appreciate the meaningless stuff the most.

Here is an example for you. This morning, I tweeted this out:

One of the responses I received back was this:

As I read Shona’s tweet, I started to chuckle. My husband looked at me like, “what’s the joke?”

So I backed up and told him of my original tweet and that a “power outage would not stop my DH from his coffee!” Then I also read him Shona’s response about “chewing on the beans.”

He was grinning as I recounted these and then he asked:

What does DH mean?

I explained that “DH” is short form that we tweeters use to keep things in their 140-character maximum. DH = dear husband, DS = dear son, DD = dear daughter … and so on.

He replied:

Oh, so it doesn’t mean “Dick Head.”


  1. Haha, that made me laugh. I’m still new to the twitterverse but in this short time I’ve come to appreciate the community that can be built with only 140 characters at a time. I’m also still learning the lingo and only recently figured out what others mean by dd and dh :)

  2. Laughed out loud at that one!!

  3. Me too!

  4. Awesome. I’ll never see DH the same way again…

  5. Haha love it!

  6. Can see the Australianness of your hubby!

    Also, DH, DD etc are not just twitter specific. I’ve seen them in use for many years on forums/online communities.

  7. Now, I’m wondering if the “D” is supposed to be “darling” or “dear”?

  8. Dear.

    Wikipedia confirms it:

    Under language

  9. Heh :-) too funny – now try to explain a tweetup !

  10. Have read your post a couple of times now, chuckle every time. Hubby just rolls his eyes when I mention ‘the Twitter’ *g*

  11. Love when I laugh out loud :)
    My DH, who is actually on twitter, likes to ask me “are you talking to your imaginary friends again?”

  12. The timing of this post is just so…



  13. Hey Julie

    i guess i’m the only one who just doesn’t get it! i get the appeal of blogging, and even facebook, but the whole twitter thing seems so odd to me. i can see it from a “networking”/ business/ social activisim point of view , but not so much on the personal level. Why do i need to announce to my “followers” that i am in the line for french fries, or heading to the park with my kids??

    ok, ok…….. that’s just me…….. i know you all love it so please don’t yell at me! i just don’t really get it!


    • sarah: i completely agree. i think it’s mainly geared at people who are “plugged in.” to me that means you have some sort of phone that can browse the internet or something. everyone i know who has twitter, also has and uses extensively their iphone or blackberry, etc, etc…

      i’m a bad example of the opposite – i don’t have a cell phone so i see no real advantage of twitter. the only good thing i’ve seen on an iphone is the maps application. i can only write 140 characters: another indication that it is for people with phones or blackberries, because the text is readable on the relatively small screen. and i could have twitter from my pc or laptop but i’m not certain twitter beats even facebook when you’re using a computer vs. using your phone.

      and there’s somethign eerily orwellian about it all. maybe i’m just paranoid but if you don’t already know where i am, then i’m not so certain that i would want to tell you.

  14. Hey Sarah! You’re definitely not the only one (as adam attests). For me, twitter has become a replacement to facebook. It’s quick and fun and allows me to connect beyond the “friends” in a facebook network. It must be like golf – you either love it or can’t be bothered. Julie

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