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A Pokemon Birthday Party Was Had

pikachu pokemon cupcakes

Pokemons infiltrated our household in 2008. A very cute, and slightly older boy introduced them to Stella when she was five years old and she was hooked. Line and sinker, people! From Pokemon pinatas to complete Pokemon bedroom decor, apparently some people just do not tire of these creatures.

And now, just when we thought they were slowing fading away, they have returned back into the house — all over the house! — in full force. It seems that Stella has a little protege in Max.

As a result, this year, the little guy wanted a Pokemon birthday party to celebrate turning 5 years old. So, we made it happen. Here’s a photo recap …

A colouring station for the kids to play at while all the party guests arrived:

colouring table

Pokemon balloons were used for a waddling race:

balloon waddle

Rather than pin the tail on the donkey, there was pin the tail on the Pikachu:

pin the tail on the pikachu

And a modified hot potato game which instead used a Pokeball:

hot potato

A scavenger hunt took place on the main floor just before dinner. The “finds” were some Pokemon cards and a Hot Wheels car for each child.

scavenger hunt prizes

The dining room was decorated in Pokemon-themed napkins, and party-blowers, and all that jazz:

pokemon birthday decorations

And it was here that they could enjoy the mini-pizzas that they had made earlier:

make your own pizza

And of course, sing happy birthday and eat some yummy chocolate cupcakes!

sing happy birthday

All of the children seemed to have a great time. And most importantly of all, I think we lived up to Max’s birthday anticipation. I find these kinds of things sort of stressful, so I was relieved it all went smoothly and that all the kids were happy and laughing.

P.S. Hubby thinks I’m mildly neurotic for finding a kids’ birthday party stressful. But surely I’m not the only one who does?

P.P.S. Do you need to hold a birthday party soon? If you’re looking for more ideas, here is what we did for Max’s pirate themed party last year. 


  1. We are having M’s 6th birthday party on July 6th. It’s a Rainbow splash party and we’re having it at our local splash pad (which has a Rainbow in it). She wants a doughnut tower instead of cake or cupcakes, so that’s easy for me (no baking). Well we did some baking already and made rainbow cookies, which are waiting in the freezer now.
    I find kids parties just a little stressful, I always have a running list and try to keep it reasonable. Cookies, check, pinata, check, water balloons, check, plates and cups, check…etc. 😉

  2. I think you’re an awesome hostess. Lucky, lucky, lucky Max!
    I experienced birthday-party anxiety myself: when the chocolate mousse cake turned into a chocolate pancake because it was 104 degrees … and there was a snafu in the timing of the jaunt to Laserquest that resulted in a # of boys waiting for over an hour in the 104-degree heat. Eek.
    Type-A parental trauma.

  3. You’re not the only one! Kids parties are beyond stressful! We just had my son’s 5th the weekend before last and my hubby was out of town at the same time. I was double stressed!

  4. Oh I am so hiring YOU as the next party planner chez nous!! I can think of three boys who would each love this party! (And yes, I find kid parties stressful. I find ANY party stressful!)

    Happy birthday Max!!

  5. My daughter’s 7th birthday will be held tomorrow. And my other daughter turns 5 in a couple of weeks so it’s PARTY TIME at my house.

    I always stress because you just NEVER know what the weather will be and I MUCH prefer having all the kids in our yard instead of the house. Looks like good weather tomorrow so some of my stress is draining away :)

    • YES! Weather is a total stress factor! We had to do our party indoors because it was rainy and stormy out. Like you, I definitely prefer being able to let the kids run a muck outside :)

  6. Very fun. I bet Max will remember that party for years!

    We don’t do the party thing with the girls anymore but it used to stress me out to no end. I could never figure out why either… it’s just a bunch of kids right? Just before everyone arrived I’d practically have to talk myself down from the ledge!

  7. I LOVE all of your ideas. Found your page through Pinterest and it was exactly what I was looking for. My boys are going to be having a combination Pokemon party next month so these ideas are great!

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