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Am I evil, or what?

Here’s my idea of a good time:

My daughter has been getting up extra-early these days and heading straight for the Christmas tree to see if there are any interesting additions underneath it. Until last night, it was empty under there. Nothing but pine needles.

I believe she thinks that she is actually “sneaking” downstairs to the tree, but the child is as soft-footed as an elephant. It’s kind of cute though because you can tell she’s a bit disappointed when she finds nothing, but she doesn’t want to seem greedy so she acts like she hasn’t noticed.

So this morning she does her usual 5:30 am wakeup to check-out the tree situation. And what does she find? Lots of gifts! 

Woohooo! Presents under the tree! Lots of presents!

But wait … they are all unlabeled.

But worse … they’re all — every single one of them!— in Gymboree boxes.

Gah! CLOTHING! That’s what I’m getting for Christmas??? Clothing! What the. I was nice to my little brother all year long and all that’s here is CLOTHING!

[note: The Gymboree boxes are actually filled with Pokemon paraphernalia. I’m evil, but I’m not THAT evil.]

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  1. This year I treated myself to an i-POD touch – after years of NOTHING for me under the tree. So the boys were quite relived when I FINALLY put something under the tree for them. I am glad I am not the only one enjoying the season with slightly evil inclinations…

  2. That is fantastic. Filing this one away for Christmas future.

  3. That is freakin’ awesome Julie!!! I love evil!!! 😉

  4. You are brilliant! I am trying to think what boxes might strike fear into my children’s hearts…..

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