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And with the blink of an eye, she’s 10

Stella is 10.

Double digits.

I don’t know how I went from limping around with stitches in my va-jayjay a brand-new mother to one hosting a bunch of tree-climbing kids. It just happened with the blink of an eye.

This year, she did not want a themed birthday party. She did not want decorations. She did not want cake (and opted by Pavlova instead). She did not want parent-led games or activities.

But she still wanted a homemade card.

And she still wanted a birthday pinata. This year’s theme: the hummingbird!

Thank goodness some things haven’t changed. This mama is having a hard enough time accepting that her “baby” is a “tween” as it is!


  1. Many birthday wishes for the 10 year old!

  2. OttawaFamily says:

    Hugs, mom. Double digits are a big deal. I have a kid doing double digits in a few days, but it’s with a 2 instead of a 1. Yikes! 
    Happy, happy birthday to Stella!

  3. writewrds says:

    @coffeewithjulie Wow. 10. Happy Birthday to Stella. : )

  4. TrishSmithRoche says:

    I’m glad Stella had the party she wanted. You will survive, mom! I have my one and only into double digits in less than 10 months. You can help me through it!! Big days ahead. 

  5. SleepCountryCan says:

    @coffeewithjulie they grow up so fast! Loved the article :)

  6. Happy Birthday Stella!  Congrats on 10 years Julie!
    Like OttawaFamily  I’m another one with a kid doing double digits with a 2 and I’ve found that every age is the best age so enjoy :)

  7. i can’t believe it either!! time really does seem to be flying by, but stella couldn’t be a more sweet, caring, intelligent girl and i don’t think that will change as she gets older!!

  8. denielsen says:

    Awww…so sweet. And happy birthday to her. We have a b’day coming up for our middle child but she’s already in double digits. I am kinda dreading next May when my YOUNGEST turns 10. Nothing like a kid’s birthday to make you realize how old you actually are….guess I’m really not 28 anymore:)

  9. Oh wow. Double digits. It DOES go so fast. Your home-made cards are obviously precious to her and that will likely stick. The pinata…may be time-limited. But the celebration of her? That will be for always. 

  10. in a society that seems full of Disney princess wannabees……. your daughter is a breath of fresh air, Julie! she is walking to the beat of her own drum and it seems to be a very lovely tune!

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