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And … We’re Back!

A pic from the University of Melbourne campus.

A pic from the University of Melbourne campus.

It’s been six weeks, more than 32,000 kms in the air, and another 6,000 kms by car since I announced that we had landed in Australia.

I had great plans for blogging as we travelled, since I prefer to write while it’s all fresh and exciting. But alas, I ran into troubles accessing WiFi and paid outrageous amounts of $$ to my cell phone provider for service and then finally just had to give up and accept that I would not be “connected” with all of you on this trip. Which kinda sucked … cause I really love being connected and sharing things while they’re happening. C’est la vie though, eh?

I’m now back home in Ottawa — and still dragging my butt from jet lag! It’s really hitting me hard this time for some reason. (Please don’t tell me it’s because I’m getting old!)

Overall, everything went smooth and according to plan. We managed to see dozens of relatives and friends and even meet some new ones that had been born since our last visit six years ago. Our kids travelled really well and Stella showed remarkable patience with her younger brother. No one got sick. No planes were missed. And beautiful memories have been made.

So all is good. Except that strange feeling of disorientation … it’s jet lag, but it’s also an emotional thing too. Like,”Okay, what am I supposed to do now?” Oh yeah, TONS! The to-do list is (likely similar to yours) … HUGE.

I will tell and share Australia tales over time, as I’m feeling inspired, and to avoid you getting really bored, I will mix in random posts like usual. Sound good? I hope so!


  1. welcome back Julie! what an amazing adventure. no pressure……. but a photo book seems in order for this trip! I can’t wait to hear all about it! and now, you need a vacation from your vacation, right?

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