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Beaches Boscobel, Jamaica: A Tween’s Perspective (Day 1)

Stella, who is almost 10 years old, and I have just returned from Beaches Boscobel in Jamaica, where we were invited to experience the resort. If you’re a parent and you travel to the Carribean during winter, then you’ve likely heard of Beaches Resorts. This chain of resorts is known for providing an above-and-beyond experience to families and their young children. But what about the “tween”? When your child is not a “little kid” nor are they a teenager, will this resort be a good fit? Here, Stella, will share her journal from the trip. I have not edited (or even corrected the spelling even though it makes me twitch!) so that you can read an unfiltered tween’s perspective.


The Welcome

By Stella, 9 years old

I woke up at 4:00 am so I wouldn’t miss the plane. Once we got on the plane we flew to Philadalphia and quickly got on our flight to Jamaka. It was 2 hours long. When we finally got to the airport we got into a shuttle and went on a 1 and 1/2 hour ride to get to the resort. All the plants and senery were beautifull!

At the resort we got shown were the Child Center and the gift shop were. We headed inside and the staff gave us a drink. We were brought to our rooms. It was so warm outside, I loved it.

The first thing we did was head down to the beach. The ocean was so nice. Then a wedding started and we left because mom thought I would ruin it by acidently stepping on a sharp rock and yelling “Ow” right when they were getting married.

So we headed to the water park AND pool AND slides. The slides were my favourite in the water park. The first slide I went on was the green slide. I was all, “They paint it green because it’s esey,” and “it’s only in a tube to look scary.” I was mistaken. Halfway there I thought it was over so I sat up and opened my eyes and realised it wasn’t over. Just about then my adrenaline kicked in and I forgot about the saftey position and just screemed. Then I got chucked out sideways into the water. By that point I just stuck to the smaller slides. Then we had some “curly frys” and a Jamacin paddy.

After that mom and I challenged each other to go on the grey slide witch isn’t verry steep but verry curly. But at the top we chickened out and went on the orange one instead. By then we had gone on all the slides but the grey one. So I went on the grey one. It was funner than I was thinking.

Finally we dryed up and had dinner at Arizona’s, a Tex-Mex resterant.


  1. Hi ‘Stella’!

    Sounds awesome, mon! i can’t wait to hear more from your travel journal!  (and some observations from Mom too, of course.)


  2. that is so awesome. Nice to see Stella’s perspective.

  3. Now I want to go on the slides! Sounds like so much fun.

  4. This is a wonderful post Stella, and it makes me want to go to Jamaica too. Based on your description, I’m sure my daughters would love it!!

  5. Sounds like a great time had by all.  Love Stella’s perspective and for a 10 yer old, she writes very well!

  6. Great description of the journey Stella

  7. Hey Stella, loved the reminder of the slides. The green was my favorite, because if you held your body just right you could get going so fast you’d splash the people sitting at the far side of the pool. *g*

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