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Beaches Boscobel, Jamaica: A Tween’s Perspective (Day 2)

Stella, who is almost 10 years old, and I have just returned from Beaches Boscobel in Jamaica, where we were invited to experience the resort. If you’re a parent and you travel to the Carribean during winter, then you’ve likely heard of Beaches Resorts. This chain of resorts is known for providing an above-and-beyond experience to families and their young children. But what about the “tween”? When your child is not a “little kid” nor are they a teenager, will this resort be a good fit? Here, Stella, will share her journal from the trip. I have not edited (or even corrected the spelling even though it makes me twitch!) so that you can read an unfiltered tween’s perspective.

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Let the fun begin

By Stella, 9 years old

I had a busy day* today, so I will tell you about the highlight. Day 2’s highlight is ……. Golf Lesson From a Pro!!!!!!!

First we got on a tour bus and drove down to the golf course. On the way we saw little houses, fruit shacks, schools and a “Wallmart” wich was really a guy selling stuff handing on a wall!

After driving on a really bumpy road for half an hour or so we pulled into the driveway of a golf course. Then we met one of the staff of the golf course who told the kids to load into a golf cart and the manager of the golf course led the grown-ups on a tour of the golf course.

Sandals Golf & Country Club

Ethan, Josh and I crammed into the back and Emmett sat in the front with the driver. We drove for about 5 minutes until we reached a driving range were we got off. There we met a golf pro. He tauht us the golf grip. In the golf grip your hands are close together and your thumbs make a line.

He demonstated how to drive the golf ball. We practiced driveing the golf balls for about an hour or two. It was really fun! After that the grown-ups came back from their tour.

Then we hitched a ride on golf carts and after a quick bathroom brake we boarded the bus again and headed back to the resort.

Julie’s additional notes:

* The busy day also included: a breakfast with the characters from Sesame Street, a full tour of the resort, play time in the water park, a swim in the ocean, and last but not least, a delicious dinner. (Yes, we slept very well!)


  1. hey again S!  that’s awesome you got golf lessons! My 10yr old son had golf lessons with a pro at Capital Golf Course in Ottawa last summer and he loved it too! they have great golf camps there too!

    i’m loving hearing about your adventures in a place i really loved! 

  2. What a wonderful post from such a talented little writer. We’re very happy you enjoyed your trip Stella and that you got to experience golf lessons from a pro. It’s nice to know you really took advantage of everything Beaches has to offer. We hope to see you again real soon. Keep practising that golf swing!

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