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Beaches Boscobel, Jamaica: A Tween’s Perspective (Day 4)

Stella, who is almost 10 years old, and I have just returned from Beaches Boscobel in Jamaica, where we were invited to experience the resort. If you’re a parent and you travel to the Carribean during winter, then you’ve likely heard of Beaches Resorts. This chain of resorts is known for providing an above-and-beyond experience to families and their young children. But what about the “tween”? When your child is not a “little kid” nor are they a teenager, will this resort be a good fit? Here, Stella, will share her journal from the trip. I have not edited (or even corrected the spelling even though it makes me twitch!) so that you can read an unfiltered tween’s perspective.

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The Last Day in Paradise

By Stella, 9 years old

Well, today was our last day but we did the most fun thing. Today’s highlight is …. Mystic Mountain!!!!!

First we got on a tour bus and drove for a bit. We saw LOTS of “jerk centeres”. In case you are wondering a jerk centere isn’t a place for jerks. Jerk is a spicy meat. So at a jerk centere they sell meat.

Once we arrived at Mystic Mountain we took a while to get organised.

At the entrance to Mystic Mountain

Then we got on a ski lift that pulled us over the rain forest. It took 15 minutes.

Looking down, while on the Mystic Mountain lift to the top

Looking back at our friends behind us, while on chairlift at Mystic Mountain

Then we got to a little plaza and got in line for the bob sled ride. Once it was my turn on the bob sled I hopped in and got my seat belt on.

Here is my Mom getting ready for the bob sled ride

Suddenly the ride started and I shot off around a sharp corner. I was going very fast and breathing hard as the bob sled zig-zagged in full throttle. Finally ended after a sudden stop. I’m surprised I’d say this but I wanted to go again!

And here she is while on the ride!

We stoped at a gift shop and I bought two post cards and a shirt that said “Jamaicia, No Problem”. After that the kids and I had a quick swim. The water was kind of cold and the pool area was shalow so I stuck to the water slide. It was okay but a bit slow.

Next we went down to were you zip-line. We got all our harnesses on and went on a hike to the first zip-line. The instrucktor taught us how to zip-line and we were off!

Whoosh! Here I am zip-lining through the jungle!

We went on a bunch of zip-lines. But then we got to the Repel!

Dun Dun Dun!!!

I’ll tell you what repel is. The repel is basicly falling out of a tree holding on to a rope.

The repel: An illustration from my journal

So after the repel we went on one last zip-line after crossing an awesome wobbly rope bridge.

The awesome rope bridge

The last zip-line was the longest one. Ethan and I had to go with a grown-up because we were too light.

So we got on the ski lift again and headed back to the front office. I bouht a parrot carving and then hopped on the bus back to the resort.

Me and my friends back at the Beaches Boscobel Resort


And with that, we have the conclusion of Stella’s travel journals from Jamaica!

We stayed in the Beaches Boscobel resort from Tuesday, April 24 and checked out on Saturday, April 28th, 2012 and using the online site, a similar stay in 2013 would cost you $2,094.00 (April 23-27, 2013). That’s $523.50/night and includes accommodation, meals, drinks, kids club, and a full spectrum of resort activities. (Airfare or additional off-site activities such as Mystic Mountain are not included in this cost.) Travelling off-season like this really makes a luxurious all-inclusive resort far more affordable and Beaches also runs a Single Parent Fun package (May 1-24 and Sept 4-Oct 31) during which the single supplement fare is waived.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Beaches resort experience (you can read my thoughts here) and would definitely return. However, in my case, I think I would select a different resort than the Boscobel one because although the pools were A-MAZ-ING, I didn’t find the beach particularly inspiring. I know many people don’t even swim in the ocean, so it wouldn’t be an issue for them, but next time I come to Jamaica, I’d like to try the Beaches Negril or the Beaches Sandy Bay because they are located on the famed Seven Mile Beach. (I also dream about hitting a Sandals resort – the all-inclusive just for adults!)

I travelled with some very talented writers on this press trip and you can read about their experiences as well:

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End of The Jamaica Journal, but the Travels aren’t over!

If you’ve been to a Beaches resort and would like to add your thoughts, please do! Also, if anyone has any specific questions about the resort, I’d be more than happy to answer them. Jot down a note in the comments below and I will respond! 


  1. OMG Stella….. that  looks like so much fun!  My 10yr old would totally love that!

    Glad you guys had such a great trip! I am hoping to visit Beaches Negril with my family in the next few years!!  that 7 mile beach is calling my name….mon!  (or is it that the beef patties and jerk chicken i am hearing?)


  2. I’m so glad you both had such a wonderful time together – you will remember this one for the rest of your life Stella…and so will your Mom!!

  3. Man you’re making me miss that resort! Even with the weather we’ve had around here lately, I’d still take those slides, that weather, and someone else cooking for me every day (oh that breakfast buffet!).

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