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BIG Bedside Tables Reveal!

I love piles of books–waiting to be read, half-read, already-read, or just looking pretty. Hubby jokes that the pile get so high on my bedside table that one day he’s worried he’ll find the pile collapsed on top of me. (I figure there are far worse ways to die!)

Because of my book-collecting affliction and the long rectangle shape of the master bedroom, he thought BIG bedside tables were in order. No more tall, toppling piles. These tables will be able to hold stacks and stacks of books!

Like the master bed, he constructed these tables using wenge, a deliciously dark wood.

However, to add some contrast, he choose a really unique wood for the drawer fronts and left a natural edge along the bottom.

Drawer front of bedside table

The original design didn’t call for any drawer handle or pull. But after all was said and done, both of us felt like something was missing. In the end, Hubby found these perfect finishing pieces at Lee Valley.

Beside Table


  1. Heather Ann says:

    Holy crap. That is gorgeous. Really gorgeous. You better have a nice lamp now! ; )

    • Gah! No, I still need to get lamps for the tables, curtains for the windows, and maybe an area rug. His next project for this room will be the television table … but that comes after the bookshelf in the downstairs sitting room! (No shortage of projects around here!)

  2. Gorgeous! I now know you obviously have a bigger bedroom than we do. Old house + king-sized bed = only 2 feet on either side of the bed!

    • Coffee with Julie says:

      Our old house was the same (about 125 years old). This house is only about 30 years old and the master bedroom is about twice the size of our last one. We are only slowing starting to fill the space up now.

  3. Beautiful! Love the contrasting wood & those handles look great.

  4. very nicely done! Those are nice statement pieces.
    My pile of magazines can go right up  to the picture frame, then I need to sort and recycle. and most of my books are now on my kindle.

  5. Gorgeous!!   The wood is perfect and the drawer detailing is just so pretty.  Am 100% jealous :)

  6. Wow!  This is a beautiful piece with a great story.  Love that combo!

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