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Caffeinated MacGyver to the Rescue!

If you’re of my vintage, you’ll likely remember the MacGyver television series. If you’ve never heard of him or if your memory would simply like a little jog, each episode went like this:

Cute-guy lead character (i.e. MacGyver) would face a huge crisis without breaking a sweat. He’d calmly concoct a solution such as a bomb de-fuser from a paperclip and a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of his shoe.

In our family, we like to refer to my hubby as MacGyver (behind his back, because he is modest type and he would hate us for it). Boat dock collapsed and small child who can’t swim flailing about top of it? No worries — MacGyver will take a studious assessment of the situation and save the day (and fix the dock while he’s at it)! Decide you need a specific stainglass for your kitchen window but can’t find it anywhere? No worries — MacGyver will create one for you! Find an injured person on the street? No worries — MacGyver will saunter over and begin First Aid until the paramedics arrive.

Okay, so you might think I’m exaggerating. Maybe I am, just a teeny tiny bit. But not only does he look cute in his Levis and carry himself in a laid-back manner, my man can come to a caffeine rescue! And we know that’s what really counts in my book. 

For instance, this past Sunday, we had no power in our home from 8am to 11am. He gets up, calmly assesses the situation and without a word leaves the house. He comes back in a couple of minutes and sets this up:


A propane camping stove to boil the water … ingenius, I say! Although he’d probably say it was a basic survival skill because, hey, would wants to deal with me on a morning without caffeine. Let’s face it, it’s not pretty.

Here’s one more caffeine-related MacGyver move that really impressed me. We were in Hawaii and the hotel room did not have a microwave. So, how does one warm up a baby bottle for breakfast sans microwave? Voila, my friends:


All mine, ladies. All mine.  😉


  1. Is this new layout…I love coffee stains. Terribly cool.

    A man who will pull out the Coleman during a power outage is a keeper… Alas.

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