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Christmas Gift Wrapping

I never would have thought of using paper doilies for anything except snowflakes (remember making those as a kid?). But I happened to have seen Guilia’s wrapping and then happened to see red doilies in the dollar store. So here is how I’ve wrapped Stella’s teachers’ gifts this year. I love how they turned out!

If you want to try it, you’ll need:

  • Brown paper bags (Michaels)
  • Paper doilies (The Dollar Store)
  • Glue for sticking the doilies on the bag (The Dollar Store)
  • Ribbon (Michaels)
I had the day off as a vacation day to attend Stella’s Christmas Concert at school, and since it got cancelled with the freezing rain, I got some wrapping done and watched season one of Californication on Netflix. I was bummed out about missing the Christmas concert, but it turned out to be a nice relax.

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