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Coffee Service is Stalled

I don’t know if I should admit this publicly, for fear of being perceived (exposed?) as the biggest princess on earth, but every morning, Hubby brings me up a cup of coffee to my bedside table. He gets up earlier than I do for his work schedule, and this little “coffee service” ensures that I will never, ever let this marriage falter.

You might recall that for our 15-year wedding anniversary, he gave me a special gift. So I thought it might be nice to share that this gift is still serving us well. Like just the other morning, I woke up to no coffee beside my bed. Perplexed, I stumbled in caffeine-deprived haze downstairs to find this:

Image of Coffee Press with Note

Left on top of our French coffee press was a note. One of our special notes.


Photo of WTF note left for Julie

So, if you happen to be one half of a young couple starting out together, here are the two morals of this story:

(1) It’s the little things that count. Bringing me a coffee in the morning really means a lot to me. And not just because I am a caffeine-addicted hag (although I’m sure there is a very strong argument there). But because it shows a little love, every morning, to start my day.

(2) You don’t need diamonds and fancy gifts for your life partner. But laughter? Yes, laughter is everything.


  1. I think that’s rather lovely. And you’re right, Julie, the little things do mean a lot. Laughter? Absolutely! I’ve been married 35 years!

  2. my Dad brings my Mom a cup of tea in bed every single day……. :)

  3. Hey Julie! I totally agree with you! That is a big reason why I did not want an engagement ring. For me, it is not the flashy ring that changes your relationship status, but the actions of those within the relationship that makes it count. I love that you and your husband are still laughing after 15 years of marriage! I tip my hat to both of you!

  4. Well, I think we can all agree that your hubby is a keeper. It is the little gestures and kind words that make a difference day to day.

  5. We drink our coffee together every morning. And DH warms my milk for me because I like hot coffee. Friends think this is romantic. It’s less about romance and more about *We’re in this together. Come hell or high water, no matter what our kids (or the rest of the day throws at us), we will at least have this moment of suiting up, together.*

    p.s. I REALLY like the notes! Will need to look for these!

  6. what a cute story, I loved the ‘note’. My guy does that too, they’re such sweethearts! :)

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