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Come on out to Dickinson Days this weekend!

Bear with me as I tread through some nostalgia …. On June 5, 2009, I wrote my first blog post ever and it was titled “Happy Birthday Mr. Dickinson!

This brings back fond memories for me because not only does it mark my 2nd-year anniversary for blogging, but our village’s annual celebration, called “Dickinson Days” (check out all this year’s details here), which has always been a highlight for us.

Imagine our delight when we moved into this house in 1998, young newly weds who could stay up until midnight (and — gasp! — even beyond into the wee hours!), and found out that there was an annual village-wide celebration ON OUR STREET! We took it upon ourselves to keep up the Dickinson Street name by holding a big BBQ party every year before heading out to the Saturday night beer tent. Them was good times, let me tell ya! Back then we had green shag carpet in the bathroom, a dizzying array of wallpaper, and no children.

In the summer of 2002, I was massively pregnant and my hubby and torn the house down to just the studs. Yep, why not renovate before the baby comes, right? (Good thing Stella didn’t come early like her brother!) By the next year, we had our beautiful girl in the family and we would happily trot around to all of the Dickinson Days celebrations with her on her daddy’s shoulders. Now, in 2011, we have two growing children and have decided we simply need more space for the family. So this year will be our last year to celebrate Dickinson Days as Manotick residents. That’s right, we’ve sold our little charmer of a home.

But we’ll still be back next year, even though we will no longer live in the village. So, why don’t you join the new tradition that I think we should start — the annual non-resident trek to Manotick to enjoy Dickinson Days! (Here is a promotional ad for the event that features the photos of Dani from Postcards from the Mothership.)

Manotick Messenger Ad featuring Mothership Photography

In the meantime, Dickinson Days are kicking off tonight and Stella will be in the parade again. This time, she’ll be representing the Brownie troupe that she has enjoyed so much. As for me, I’ll be the one with sunglasses on, concealing that funny mix of emotions that life gives you as you’re on the cusp of change.


  1. I think grandma is taking my kids tomorrow.  I’m going to the GCTC to support some local theater.  How’s that for a Coffee With Julie approved Saturday?

  2. Trish Roche says:

    Jules — I appreciate the nostalgia. Everytime we consider a move, I think of what will be left behind in terms of memories from T’s early years. But the memories are the people who make them and those come with you. Here’s to new traditions!

  3. Hey, thanks for the linky-love Jules!  We were blown away by Dickinson Days this year – even though I’d been hearing about it and promoting it, I was still absolutely amazed and delighted by the wonderful energy and community vibe.  Next year, we can use my porch as the landing pad for the non-res trek to Manotick — not as close as yours, but close enough. (And I’m still a little pouty that you’re leaving the ‘hood!)

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