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Handmade Christmas Cards

Kerry cards

Do you still send out Christmas cards? I lapsed on this a few years back (okay, so maybe it was more than a “few” years back … more like almost a decade ago!) and never got back on the wagon. But I still really enjoy the act of crafting with paper. My friend Kerry and I recently got together and spent a Sunday afternoon making handmade Christmas cards.

There is something seriously calming about crafting. I had a great time and came home with these creations below (Kerry’s are shown in the photo on top).







  1. beautiful!!! I love doing my Christmas cards every year- photo cards of course… you would like this year’s as it is similar to your canvas photos.. my boys walking through the woods in the snow! I print about 85 cards.. a big production but my favorite part about the holidays is sending/receiving cards. lots of my clients send me the cards they make from the photos I took for them, so it’s a real treat for me to display them all each year in my home!

    Merry Christmas Julie, to you & your awesome family!!

  2. Hi Sarah – I do love receiving holiday cards and especially love ones with family photos so I can see how each family has grown over the past year. I just never manage to get my own act together to do this! :)

    A big huge Merry Christmas to you and your family Sarah! May there be lots of laughter and light!

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