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Happy Halloween!

Hubby and Stella have crafted up three jack-o-laterns for tomorrow night. While past years’ pumpkins have featured dinosaurs, Webkinzs and Pokemons, this year’s current favourite creature is The Angler Fish.

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  1. Wow…I somehow missed your pinata post in the madness that was my September, but followed the link to see it now. What an awesome pinata! (And an equally awesome jack-o-lantern here, too!)

  2. Is this seriously your pumpkin? I am BOGGLED.

  3. Nice crafting! I usually stick with two eyes and a mouth 😆

  4. That is nothing short of impressive! I am sensing that you must be married to an engineer.

  5. WOW. Great work!!

  6. wow – glad my daughters didn’t see this before the 31st – I’m a low-tech/ low-talent kinda mom in the art area, and have to manage/ keep low their expectations! :-) (Very impressive, though!)

  7. Fantastic! When you’re done being married to D, can I have him for a while?

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