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Here’s how you can tell if a working mom has a big report due the next day

If you were a fly on a wall, you’d easily be able to tell whenever a working mom has a big day ahead of her in the morning. This is what you’d see:

11:30 pm:  Shutting down computer after putting some finishing touches on a report.

1:00 am:  Youngest child wakes up. Mom makes sure everything is okay, puts in some cuddle time and offers some milk.

1:30 am: Youngest child now settled, Mom returns to her bed.

2:00 am: Youngest child awakes again. Mom repeats steps from earlier, with no success.

2:30 am: Mom goes back to her bed with the youngest and hopes for the best. Youngest takes some time to settle into bed, does a lot of flopping around on Mom’s head.

4:30 am: Eldest child comes to bedroom and wakes Mom up. Mom can’t even process why child is up … either a nightmare or mosquito, but ushers child back to their bed.

5:30 am: Mom is in bed with two children. No one is asleep.

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  1. Ugh. Sounds like a night at my house. I still wake up sometimes not knowing whose bed I’m in.

    • Ah, a mother’s life, eh? haha! For me, it’s a Murphy’s Law situation. My children have been good, independent sleepers for ages, but if I have something important the next day? A whole different story! :)

  2. Aside from the musical beds I’m sighing in understanding. This sounds like every night for the first two months I came back to work. The EXHAUSTION!!

  3. Stefanie says:

    Sounds remarkably like Mom on Summer Vacation. Child #1 wakes up at 1 am to sleep with me. Ditto child #2 after wetting the bed at 4 am. As an older and wiser mom, I immediately zipped into child #1’s dry bed and slept soundly for 3 whole hours. Sigh.

  4. Ricochay says:

    So… did you get the report done?!

    It’s like they know how hard you’ve been working and want to be there to support you.

  5. Do you have a camera in my bedroom?

    Dropped by as part of the blog rally — looking forward to reading more in the future!

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