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His next great adventure

robsonPeople who meet us now, after 12 years of marriage, invariably like to say, “Opposites attract!” But it wasn’t always this way.

When we first met, we both shared a love of nature. Not a love from afar, a love that compelled us to trek deep into its midst. As far as we could go, to places where you really felt no other human had ever stepped before. The peace. The quiet. The conquest.

My husband’s thirst for adventure has only continued to deepen over the years. Whereas, mine? Well, let’s just say that while he’s grown more heavily into a hard-core outdoorsman, I’ve gotten soft — both in mind and body. I like to blame it on having children, but the truth is that I can’t really explain my radical shift. I just no longer do insects and pit toilets.

Yet, the excitement bubbling in our house lately is palable. My husband is like a kid waiting for Christmas. And that can only mean one thing: his next great adventure is on the horizon.

I’ll admit that I’ve taken a sort of “uh, huh, yeah, that’s great honey,” sort of interest as of late to these adventures. I don’t feel bad about this though, I consider it a basic survival mechanism. Much the same way he responds to hearing about scrapbooking or even blogging for that matter. And we are undoubtedly both guilty of doing this with my daughter’s non-stop chatter about Pokemons and DS games.

This morning, though, I found an article on the breakfast table. It was an opinion piece authored by Backpacks Premier. Hubby, my father and my two brothers are heading out to climb Mt. Robson. And here is how the area is described in this article:

“It’s the stick that stirs the drink: so high it creates its own weather. It’s the loftiest peak in the Canadian Rockies, towering 528 m (1732 ft) above its nearest challenger. And it looms more than 3000 m (9840 ft) above the trailhead, which is in one of the lowest valleys in the entire range. It’s 3954-m (12,970-ft) Mt. Robson, a preposterously vertical, staggeringly atmospheric summit. If not veiled by swirling mist or shrouded by sodden clouds, its gleaming white, glacier-laden immensity is a jaw-dropping spectacle.” 

Um, do you think it’s too late for me to increase his life insurance coverage?

Photo byKent Gulliford.

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