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How do you feel about Sigg now?

About a month and a half ago, I wrote this post “Sigg: not so super, after all?” I don’t get attached to brands much, but somehow I had developed an affection for my Sigg.

The news that Sigg’s original liners had been made with BPA felt like a sneaky little trick had been played on me. Sure, I understand that the company says it never claimed its liners were not made of BPA, but rather that its liners didn’t leach BPA. (I wanted to provide you with the CEO’s exact words in explaining this issue, but it looks like his letter has been taken down from the site now – strange.)

I’ve since sent my old Sigg bottles back (we had four in our family) and requested ones with the new liner. This voluntary exchange program was likely a major logistical nightmare for the company, but to its credit, I did receive new bottles this week by courier and it was a pretty quick and easy process from my end.

But still … I don’t have the same warm & fuzzies for this brand like I used to. How about you?


  1. At least they replaced them. I’m not so sure they’ll ever be able to regain the kind of trust they had though….

  2. Actually… After reading about the exchange program on your blog, I also sent my bottles off. I just got a message that there is a package waiting for me from the courier. I’m looking forward to having new bottles, but I think they’ve done some permanent damage with this whole debacle… I still feel like I was mislead.

  3. A friend tried to convince me to buy them about 2-3 years ago. I felt wrong about anything with a liner, couldn’t have given a scientific reason for it, just a gut thing. At that time I decided to go with Kleen Kanteen and have been perfectly happy with that brand. Now I have a swollen head (more swollen head!)

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