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My boy is changing. The most common thing I hear these days is: “Wow! Did he just grow another inch?”

On the one hand, I’m thrilled to witness this amazing change. On the other, I have an irrational longing to kiss his now-gone chubby cheeks and to press my thumb gently into the soft pudge on the top of his hand.

My boy is changing.

His appetite has changed too. Over and over again, we hear: “I’m hungry!” So much so, that Stella created this photo collage on the iPad and emailed it to me after I heard the two of them giggling over it. In fact, just last night as Hubby and I lay in bed, we thought we’d heard footsteps on the stairs. Sure enough, there’s Max, all bright-eyed with the light on in the kitchen and sitting at the counter. “I’m hungry.”

He still lets me snuggle him tight into his bedtime blankets. He still has a natural instinct to raise his hand into mine when we go walking. But he no longer slips into my side of the bed in the morning for cuddles.

My boy is changing.


  1. Hold onto him tight, Julie, and get all the snuggles and cuddles in you can. It’s my baby’s prom today and at the end of the summer, he goes away to school. It’s staggering (in a heartbreakingly good way). But he’s still my baby and always will be.
    On another note, your kids crack me up. I love how Stella put the tiger face facing the same was as the monster on Max’s top. Too funny. : D

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