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I have Cloud White walls! (And other notes on my Dining Room)

I know that I am supposed to be sharing some cute Easter egg craft with you but that’s not happening. There are no Easter crafts in this house. Sorry to disappoint. It just didn’t happen. But what did happen is white walls.

Three to be precise. Hubby and I decided to “test” the white wall concept by painting the dining room (since it irked me the most at the moment). Here is how our dining room looked before we (the royal “we”) started painting.

You can see that two walls were a green. Green is actually my favourite colour, but I like earthy greens and this one isn’t. The ceiling is a standard white. The wall on the left is actually the colour that all of the main floor halls, which extend up to the second floor with a cathedral ceiling, are painted in. It looks fairly creamy in this photo (since I am crappy with photos), but it actually has a peach undertone which I really don’t care for. It is this peach undertone that is the impetus for starting on this white paint adventure in the first place.

So the plan was to paint all of the walls in BM Cloud White, but have the back wall in a gray (BM Overcoat). Here’s what these paint colours look like when not in my crappy photos:


Here is what our dining room looks like now. Naturally, the room is nowhere close to finished, but I really can’t even tell you how much I LOVE the white. I want everything in the house white now! Hubby is not thrilled with this, so I try not to get too excited.

In this photo, the back wall still looks green. But it’s not, it’s Overcoat grey — a gorgeous dark grey — I swear. (I know! I need to find time to take a photography course.)

The dining table and chairs are not staying. The chairs are falling apart and although they went beautifully with our old house, we have no interest in salvaging them and keeping them for our new house. The table is a big, solid oak piece with extensions that allow for a huge family dinner. But we’re not keeping it either. I will try and sell it.

We’re (yes, the royal “we” again) building a new dining table. We actually bought the wood for it before we even moved into this house almost a year ago. The wood is really spectacular and called Babinga. Here is a picture from a supplier to give you an idea of what the colouring and feel is to Babinga.


The style of the table will be crisp, clean lines. Much more modern than other furniture we’ve had. About 9 feet long. And we’re thinking modern chairs. Like perhaps the Eiffel Side Chair or the Elbow Chair below? But I’m not sure about the wood legs on these chairs since I don’t think they’ll go with the wood of the table. So perhaps I need metal legs?

And then there is the issue of curtains. The view from this window is not nice, verging on ugly, so we’re thinking that sheers might be required in addition to curtains. But sheers seem so old-fashioned, don’t they? The curtains I could have made at a reasonable price by Tonic, like Jennifer of Rambling Renovators did in her master bedroom. But once I start looking at all the fabric options, I start to feel just as paralyzed as I did when looking at paint colour options. So help me out, won’t you? Here are some that I like the look of … I am interested in having black as an accent throughout the house.

Flatiron, Black

Outdoor - Ellis, Panther

Gladstone, Black

Night and Day, Fern

Or should I try to incorporate some of the warm tones of the dining table wood? Like perhaps:

FBRC MnChvrnAsh

Spa Dot, Citron

Small Talk, Blackbird

It’s not a mad rush to get all of these things chosen since we want to save up the money to buy them first, as well as the fact that Hubby is still busy making our bed (see what happens when you marry someone talented? you never get to buy anything made of wood!). But I do want to at least get started on having the curtains made, so please weigh in with all your design savvy opinions on the chairs and curtains!

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  1. Ross Harrison says:

    OMG. I used overcoat for my doors (a decorator picked the colours).  What colour is the ceiling?  My vote is chair number 2 = they are more comfortable and stronger than first option.  Looking good.  Ceiling fixture is what?

    • Overcoat on your doors sounds gorgeous! I saw a photo in a magazine with overcoat doors and cloud white walls — looks great.

      As for the ceiling, it is a standard white of some sort, with stipple. We also had a decorator recommend the colours and she suggested cloud white on walls, trim, ceiling — the whole bit. But getting rid of stipple is so messy, I just didn’t want to deal with it right now.

      Thanks for the help on the chair choice. I want it to be a place where everyone can hang out and feel comfortable for a good evening of food, drinks, and tales … so comfort will be key!

      As for the ceiling fixture, it is a arts and crafts style one that Hubby quite likes and matches one in the kitchen. However, I’d prefer some kind of funky rustic chandelier of some sort.

  2. I like how it’s coming together.  I like both chair selections for different reasons, but would probably go with whichever is more comfortable to sit in.  I prefer the fabric options with warmer tones.  And instead of sheers, you may want to consider the type of sheer fabric blinds that can be either raised from the bottom or dropped down from the top.  That way, if the view is uninspiring you can have the blinds covering the bottom half of the window, but dropped down from the top to allow natural light into the room some of the time.

  3. I vote for chair #2 – I have a Eiffel in my office and it’s a bit rickety, which means it would hold up even less in a dining room, me thinks. I also like the shape of the elbow chair.

    The fabric is tricky, I like so many of them. I know you like your chevron and I think your idea of bringing in a little warmth in your second selection is a great idea. So I vote for warm chevron or warm ikat – both are fun. I would suggest you get an extra wide rod and extra wide panels so your window look bigger by hanging the panels outside of the frame.

    Are you thinking of getting a rug? If you are doing the more colourful drapes you could think of a yellow rug for a pop of colour and to differentiate the table and chair wood from wood floors. It would also ground the table and link wonderfully to the drape colours.

  4. I love white curtains with floral black design. I think they will look very fresh.  And I would stick with cooler tones throughout. Warmth will come in through the wood.
    I  like the elbow chair. :)

  5. Hi there

    Just painted my walls in kitchen and great room. My cupboards are cloud white. Walls are white down. I have hardwood floors that are between cognac and Brown. Not sure what colour kitchen table and chairs to do? I’m wondering if it would be to much if I choose a table in cloud white? Or do I go with a Walnut finish? Dark or light chairs? I have a large patio door with side panels and top transom that has curtains in a black with a design in them with taupe a tan.

    Room is big and bright. 9foot ceilings.

    Any advise would help
    Thank you

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