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Saguenay Series, Part 1: It seemed like a good idea at the time

Once upon a time, I was an adventurous girl. I travelled with a backpack, I slept in forests unknown, and brought big souvenirs home from countries that I loved (my hubby!). I look back at photos from those times and I don’t recognize that girl at all. Not one bit.

If I look around, I can see that most of my fellow adventure seekers from that era have also mellowed out considerably too. I guess it’s simply the passing of time, I suppose. But a car accident, two children, sports injuries, countless hours at a computer desk and 15 years have not just mellowed me — they’ve made me middle-aged.

I can accept that I am no longer going to wear clothes in single-digit sizes and definitely not a bikini again in this lifetime. (Granted, I accept it begrudgingly, with a smidgen of bitterness).

But to be perfectly honest, I think I could skip the wild and crazy and enjoy settling into a chubby, cushy middle-aged existence if not for the fact that my husband has not aged one bit. This is him:

Mountain climbing. July 2010.

He’s just as adventurous, just as fit (maybe more, even!) and just energetic as when I met him back in 1994. He has a real zest for life and it makes me think, “Huh, how come I don’t feel like that?” Or “Wow, he sure looks like he’s having fun, maybe I should try it, too.”  You might recall that these same emotions got me roped into my “Winter Resolution” this year, not to mention all this tent-trailer shenanigans.  

And now I’ve done it again. Way, way back … I received an email about a trip to the Saguenay region in Quebec. Around this time, my hubby was planning his big summer adventure (pictured above) and I thought, “This can be my adventure!”

Silly me, I forgot that I don’t do adventures anymore.

Now I am locked in — and I need to leave on Monday night.

Not only is it the worst possible timing with the kids staring school, but I’ve also started a new job recently too. But, like I said, I’m locked in.

At this point, I’m still a bit vague on the details (I like living denial) … something about kayaking, hiking, biking and black bear observation. All in four-day time span! Mentally, I’m already exhausted from the new-job thing. So now I’ll add physical exhaustion to the menu, and give it a taste too I guess!

Like they say, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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  1. Perhaps you could try less..intense..adventures! You can do lots of fun things without running yourself ragged!

  2. When all else fails, I tell myself that at the end of it all, I’ll have a really good story to tell.

    And you will…

  3. Have a wonderful time! School will go on, and adventure air has got to be better than work air. I often find myself ‘meh’ about things (say skiing) before I go, but if I actually get my carcass up the hill I have a good time! Hope this is your experience too.

  4. Where can you find a mountain with snow in July?? Sorry, innocent grew-up-by-the-sea European here.

    Daily life sometimes is more of an adventure than actual adventures…

  5. We can still do all these things Julie. Just slower, with more appreciation, and with Muffin Top :)


  6. Sounds to me like the kind of thing I would drag my heels to go on but would actually enjoy when there. Good for you for going – enjoy it and feel good about yourself for pushing yourself! :)

  7. That sounds amazing what you are doing. If it were me I would be nervous and dreading it beforehand, but so proud and happy afterwards. Enjoy!

  8. That’s my hme turf! I was born in Jonquiere and spent every summer in the Saguenay region until I was 16. You are going to have a fantastic time!!! Can’t wait to read about it when you get back.

  9. I love Nat’s comment above — whatever doesn’t kill you makes for excellent blog fodder, right? 😉 I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  10. I’m late to reading this, but I was oh so curious! Good for you…sounds like it shaping up well from your tweets! As soon as I can I’ll be back to read a little more about your adventures.

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