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Just sing!

My toddler Max is a funny little fellow. Lately he walks around all day humming songs out loud. I guess he is actually singing, but to us it sounds like humming because he doesn’t actually use real words. He just loves — LOVES — songs. So, if he is feeling a bit grouchy, or if you are changing his diaper and he is not impressed about having to lay still, all you need to do is start singing a song. Immediately, he is captivated.

So last night, while he was in the bath, I was folding up the clean towels (gawd, how domestic does that sound??) and this song just came to me. I started singing it out loud to him and I haven’t been able to stop since!

If you’re of my vintage, I thought you might enjoy this little walk down memory lane too.

So, just sing! Sing a song! (It will help you get through “hump day” – promise!)


  1. The perfect pick-me-up for an otherwise sluggish kind of afternoon. Thank you! (OMG how I love the Muppets!)

  2. That was my go-to song when my first was a baby….it carried me through rough days with numbers two and three as well. It is still one of my favourites, I pull it out when looking after other peoples’ little ones and in fact, I have sung that very song to your sweet man!

  3. Stefanie says:

    Goosebumps! I love Sesame Street. And I must be PMSing because I am a wee bit teary eyed too. Thanks for the lift!

  4. Great song…brings back good growing up memories. La-la-la-lala

  5. I needed that smile over the bedtime we just faced here. Thanks for that!

  6. Oh great! Got that song stuck in my head for a day now!

    Wish I could witness Max’s developing singing abilities!

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