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Looking for a good children’s book?

I like it when friends or family take the time to pick out a special book for one of my kids as a gift (and inscribe it with a personal note). And I like to do the same for my friends.

Recently, I’ve come across three great resources that make finding good books a lot easier. (So no, I’m not going to give up on my daughter who is reading 4-inch Pokemon gamer guides and nothing else these days!)

#1:  A Diamond in the Window
My friend Brenda shared this link with me because she’s been really enjoying the site. It’s authored by a mother of two girls, aged 10 and 7.

As she reads books with them, she finds herself thinking more and more about children’s literature. For instance, right now she has a really thought-provoking post up on subtext. 

#2:  Just One More Book!
A local Ottawa couple are the creators of this site. Three times a week, they do a podcast about children’s books. I met the husband of this duo last night because he gave a social media presentation to my professional association’s Chapter (IABC Ottawa).

The most recent podcast opens with: “Today we look at four books about independent thinkers who, without fanfare or animosity, disregard the judgements of others and are simply happy being who they are.” If you’ve read my posts like this one, then you’ll know that they won me over immediately. Plus, the site is super-organized.

#3: Mommy-tracked Anti-princess reading list
Even if you have a princess-loving girl in your home, these books are worth exploring because each of them features “strong, smart, spunky girl protagonists that want to eat bugs, get first place in the science fair and grow up to be a teacher, a doctor, a firefighter or even a diva.” I think it’s also important to expose our sons to different types of female protagonists too.

How do you pick your children’s books? Do you have resources and recommendations to share with me? I’d love to hear more on this. 


  1. I have no real need for children’s books at the moment, but I thought I’d say howdy at your new site anyway! Nice place you got here!

  2. Nothing beats the Paper Bag Princess

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