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“Month of Me” post #01: There’s a hashtag, so it must be real

A while back, I decided that I’d really like to attend Blissdom Canada, which is a blogging conference taking place in Toronto next month. I thought, hey, I love blogging and it’s my 40th birthday in October, so why not? All the tickets were sold out ages ago, but I was able to buy a ticket from someone who wasn’t going to be able to go. (Although I am still hoping to win a ticket so that I can recoup my cash. Keep your fingers crossed for me!)

Then a friend told me she was moving to New York City for the whole month of October. It was going to be a cool experience — to live as a bonafide New Yorker. I offered to grace her with my company for few days. Why not, eh, it’s my birthday month after all?

And from there, I’m afraid I have let it turn into all kinds of crazy. I decided that this October, the month of my 40th birthday, will be the “Month of Me.” I had a glass of red and then told my Twitter friends about it too. They happily spurred me on, as Twitter friends are apt to do. And a hashtag was created: #monthofme

Now that a hashtag has been created, it’s official. Right? Right.

So, my friends, you’ve been warned! I am going to beg, borrow and steal (okay, well not really any of those, but you get my drift) to make the month of October a mighty grand experience. While some might simply refer to themselves as 39 forever, I am going to CELEBRATE my 40th! I am really looking forward to my 40s; I have a feeling it’s going to be a fantastic decade.

First on the list? I am going to spend at least part of my Month of Me driving around in this beauty, courtesy of Ford of Canada:

2012 Lincoln MKS

It’s a luxury family car called the Ford Lincoln MKS. It looks might pur-dee to me!

Some of the cool features I’m looking forward to trying out are: the rear-view camera at the dash, that works with a reverse sensing system as well as a technology that scans blind spots for you when you’re changing lanes.

The interior also looks mighty fine. You know how nice seat warmers are in the winter? Well, this car comes with standard seat warmers in the front and the back. I really like that because the back-seat passenger often gets overlooked in a car’s design, so I thought that was smart.

EcoBoost™ Appearance Package

Anyhow, part of the deal with driving this car will be to review it on the Coffee with Julie blog. I have been asked to review it for both what I liked AND what I didn’t like.

A sweet ride, some Broadway shows, and hanging with bloggy buddies … the Month of Me is really starting to take shape!

Edited to add: I didn’t win the Go Girlfriend’s Follow Your Bliss contest for a ticket to the Blissdom Canada conference, but happily, I received an invite to be a Tribe Leader for the topic of Travel. You can see some of the fun pics from Blissdom here. Also, through no fault of Ford, the car-testing thing got logistically too challenging for this month. However, I’m looking forward to test-driving one of their new Hybrid cars in the new year.


  1. #monthofme Sounds amazing! I should plan something similar for my 40th.

  2. hey julie………..i’m turning 40 (in April) too.  month of me?  wow.  just give me a day! ok, maybe a weekend.

    just got back from a week spent with my family in a NY apartment (my 9th visit to this fab city) if you want any ideas of cool stuff to do, let me know. i have lots!!! 


  3. My “40 days of Miriam” was awesome – I’m sure yours will be too. The key is to keep a little of this going even after your b-day!

    • coffeewithjulie says:

      “40 days of Miriam” — okay, that totally rocks! Glad you found it awesome. But I do think you bring up a good point about keeping it up a bit. One thing I am really trying to do is to find time to work out, and I will definitely want to keep that going afterwards. 

  4. Adam P Harrison says:

    Great idea on the month of me! I love it – can’t wait to check out the vehicle!

  5. LOVE IT! I’m hoping you and I get up to something awesome on your “month of me” – actually count on it. There is definitely reason to celebrate!!


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