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“Month of Me” post #08: Did I tell you I had my birthday?

“Month of Me” is a little ol’ wild and crazy concept: In October, the month I celebrate my 40th birthday, I will do a whole slew of things that I love. Just because. You can read the kick-off post here

No, I haven’t told you yet, because — gosh darn it — I haven’t blogged about so many things yet from this awesome “Month of Me” …

But I did. And I have.

As much as I would prefer to be younger in body and energy, I am 40.

But I am grateful. So it seems especially fitting that my birthday is also on (Canadian) Thanksgiving. Because I have a lot to be thankful for.

For waking up to this:

For being spoiled like this:

For having a beautiful, warm day to host a family dinner (outside!) like this:

And most of all, and especially, for being able to be surrounded by the people who mean the most to me — my family — on my birthday.

All up, we were a total of 14 adults and 6 children (my Mom & Dad; my Gram; my brother, sister-in-law, and my nephew and niece;  my “baby’ brother flew in from Edmonton; my sister and my brother-in-law; my maternal uncle and aunt drove in from Waterloo; and my BFF and honorary sister with her husband and two boys).  And thanks to long-distance phone calls and skype, I was also able to celebrate with Hubby’s parents as well, who are very dear to me.

Hubby organized everything and cooked up the turkey, while everyone else brought a special dish along to the table too. (Needless to say, we all needed our “turkey pants”!)

When I imagine perfect days, I imagine days like this one … where we all hang out, and eat, and laugh, and then continue to hang out, and eat, and laugh, until well after the sun has set.

And before the night was through, happy birthday was sung — loud and off-key — and cake was eaten. Then, to top off the loveliness, Hubby presented me with a most special gift.

A local artist by the name of Caroline Zentner creates these pieces called “memory mosaics,” from interviews with family members and photographs. I was really touched (and tried not to cry too much).

So yes, I am 40 now. I can’t say “I am forty and fabulous,” or “I am forty and roaring,” because these things simply don’t ring true to me.

But I am grateful. And so very thankful.

Love Julie xoxo

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  1. i think you’re pretty fabulous!

  2. Capitalmom says:

    Happy birthday!

  3. Happy 40th Julie!  Mine is coming up in the Spring…….. every year is a celebration when we are healthy, loved, and of course, fabulous!

    can you put up a link for the local artist who created that wonderful gift…if there is one!

    • Coffee with Julie says:

      Hi Sarah! I’ve edited the post to include a link to Caroline’s website. She is wonderful to work with and I am going to treasure my mosaic. 

  4. thanx Julie! just checked it out…. a great idea for my Mom’s upcoming 70th bday! thanx.

  5. Happy 40th birthday, Julie.

    All the best people are turning 40 this year. (Hi Finola and Tony.) The stars must have been in perfect alignment in 1971!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!  I’m so glad we got to spend time together at Blissdom :)  I’m still loving your “month of me” posts
    PS now I want my own month too 😉

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