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Mother’s Day Play-by-Play (Or alternatively titled: Read, Nap, Repeat.)

1. Wake up, but pretend to keep sleeping so I don’t ruin the breakfast-in-bed “surprise.”

2. Start to develop caffeine headache while pretending to be asleep, consider ruining the “surprise.”

3. Surprise breakfast-in-bed arrives! With pancakes made by Stella herself.

breakfast in bed

4. With it, a sweet little face handing me a handmade card and a flower he has been growing at school.

5. Also, a sweet little face handing me a diamond ring. Oh, actually, I meant at dime-in-a-ring. (Get it? snort!)


6. Eat breakfast in bed while joking around with facebook and twitter friends on my new kewl phone.

7. Finish reading This Cake is for the Party: Stories. Commence napping.

Book titled This Cake is For The Party

8. Wake up. Go downstairs and make myself a grilled cheese.

9. Call my Mom. Wish her a happy Mother’s Day, have a chat.

10. Colour my hair with henna. (Will post more on this later.)

11. Decide to start reading The Great Gatsby. Fall asleep after only a couple of pages.

The Great Gatsby

12. Wake up. Decide to do a run with Stella because we’re training for the Ottawa Race Weekend. (Okay, I’m training. She’s just skipping along beside me without even breathing heavily.)

13. Come home. Eat yummy dinner of curry and naan bread that Hubby has cooked for us.

14. Hear commotion outside. A neighbour has a visitor with a huge flatbed truck parked on the street, the kids are ecstatic and launch a dance party.

Kids dancing on flat bed truck

15. Head back inside (it’s cold!).

16. Chat with my Mother-in-Law on the phone and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

17. Watch this video and this video over and over again with the kids while we sing along.

19. Hubby puts the kids to bed while I continue to engage in laziness.

19. Watch some TV with Hubby while we eat ice cream cones.

20. Go to bed. Keep reading Great Gatsby, and remarkably, manage to fall asleep without any problems despite having slept for most of the day already.


  1. My day was also filled with Hadfield and napping, as well as some lovely gifts. I got to make my own breakfast as my husband and I take turn during our long runs on weekend early mornings, and he was out running on Sunday morning. (He offered to swap me but I’d rather make my own pancakes on Mother’s Day than run in the early morning rain!)
    I am feeling a bit melancholy tonight as Hadfield drops back to Earth. I’m going to miss his daily dose of magic.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! What did you think of the book “This Cake Is For the Party?:”

    • I sort of just stumbled upon it in the library … hadn’t actually heard of it before bring it home. But I did like it. I found myself quite intrigued and attached to the characters, however, I sometimes felt a bit lost with the endings to the stories. Have you read it?

  3. Sounds like a great Mother’s Day! Love your vintage-y edition of Gatsby!

    • It was a choice between the faux vintage hardcover or a paperback with the actors in the new release of the movie — same price. Seemed like a no-brainer to me but I guess some people must like the movie-cover versions.

  4. Sarah McCormack says:

    you are training for race weekend?????? and this is the first we are hearing about it! what race are you running? yay for you!

  5. allison says:

    That all sounds lovely. And I HATE movie tie-in covers. I’ve read The Great Gatsby twice, years apart, and I still can’t really figure out how I feel about it.

    • Ha! Me to re the movie tie-in covers, but I feel like such a silly snob since I love to see movie versions of books. As for Great Gatsby itself, I’m not sure how I feel about it either.

  6. multitestingmommy says:

    Are those lilacs on your breakfast tray?! I love this time of year!!!

  7. LifeInPleasantville says:

    Wow, your mother day sounds lovely. I did laundry and went to Costco. I know….you’re jealous :)

  8. Love that dime in a ring! Kids are too smart, lol. Sounds like you had a fab mother’s day with the fam. :) I would be totally geeking out on the back of a flatbed too! Erm… I mean my nephew would… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. ChickyMara says:

    What an amazing mother’s day. You’re lucky. Mine is always a bust.

    • Maybe you’re like me and feel the pressure to have something really “special” happen. I had a nice, relaxing day but I actually felt guilty because I hadn’t organized anything special for my own mom. The day arrived after my Hubby had been away on business travel and I thought, “oh crap … I haven’t organized anything for my mom yet!” Naturally, I called to wish her a happy mother’s day … but I hope she didn’t feel disappointed in me.

  10. Gus&Otto says:

    Sounds like such a perfect day. Low key. No big expectations. And well, who can’t holler down to a flat bed dance party!

    We also got two little nasturtiums from our toddler.

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