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My daughter, the scientist

How a future scientist views the experience of vomiting:

Stella:  That was the first time I’ve ever thrown up.

Me:  Yes, I think you’re right. You haven’t been sick much in your life.

Stella:  The difficult part is that when the throw-up is coming up your throat, it blocks your breathing.

Me: It does feel like that. But, don’t worry, people throw up all the time and their breathing always comes back.

Stella: The interesting part though is that throwing up gives you a chance to see what your food actually looks like once it’s been digested in your stomach.

How a writer views the experience of vomiting:

Me:  I hope I’m not too nauseous to read in bed.

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  1. I remember the caregiver telling me that my three year old needed to learn to vomit in the toilet! I told her he probably had no idea what was happening.

  2. All the time, I’m like “LOL”… but I have to be honest, I rarely actually LOL. This time though, I LOL’ed.

    When our daughter threw up for the first time, it was a projectile kind of thing. We were both in awe when it happened, and then we argued over who had to clean it up. I, like you, gag at the thought of someone vomiting… let alone cleaning it up. Not sure how long I will be able to ride that wave…

  3. Jacqueline says:

    God love her. A child typically would be`crying and scared….not Stella. Way to be a trooper!

  4. i love when you blog thoughts from stella. always great and insightful. it’s always good to see it from another point of view!

  5. The Man and I used to joke that we should have called The Boy Ralph because he threw up so much…

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