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No, I’m Not Ready for My Canoe Trek.

Groovy Moves course, Pure Life Adventures

These days, the most common question I’ve been getting from colleagues and friends and a few strangers is: So, are you ready for your big trip up to Northwest Territories?

Well, it’s on my list.

And to be fair a lot important things don’t get done on my list. I run out of time. Or energy. Or a combination of both. Plus, I’ve been really busy getting work done so that I can actually take a holiday. Oh, and there were the birthday parties, and end of school events, and … (That’s a lot of excuses, I know. Even I don’t want to believe them.)

I did have grand plans to get very fit. In addition to being fit, I would also increase my upper body strength (which is close to that of a duck with a clipped wing) and get time out on the water to regain my comfort in the canoe. Out of all of these plans, I can say that I am more fit (not “very fit”). I walk regularly and can now run a 2k without any problem.

But. Well, here’s the thing … I have not stepped in a canoe yet. I did make an effort, I swear. It just didn’t pan out perfectly. Firstly, I tried to sign up for the training courses that the outfitter offers but they were fully booked-up at the start of the season.

From there, I tried to convince every possible person in my contact list to go on a white water canoe intro weekend with me (a partner is required to register) and the only person crazy enough to agree to this notion was my friend Kerry. (For your reading pleasure, she mentions the trip in this post.) But she couldn’t go on the June course because she was in the Dragon Boat races.

We are going though. But it’s this weekend. Yes, we leave for the trip on July 24th and this weekend is my training. I know it’s not much time. Cramming is my specialty though (just ask anyone who knew me in university). So let’s just hope it all works out okay and that Kerry and I don’t end up on the bottom of the river. Just kidding, we’ll be fine. They provide helmets and all. (So comforting, right?) The course is with Pure Life Adventures, and the photo at the top of this post is from the course we’re taking.

Right now, Kerry is probably reading this post and thinking: What? She hasn’t even been in a canoe this season and I’m supposed to go white water canoeing with her??

Don’t worry, Kerry. I’m going out canoeing after work tonight. See? Cramming. It’s a way of life.


  1. You are going to have so much fun – here’s to you you not getting TOO wet 😉
    Have fun!

  2. Ready to know what my only phobia is? Ready for it?


    I’m terrified and have no explanation for it. I love water and I don’t mind large boats. But little ones like canoes and kayaks? Forget it. Fetal position for this Maven. So I’m going to live safely and vicariously through you, and you can tell yourself that no matter what shape you’re in, you’ll still do way better than me at that canoe thing. Enjoy your adventure!

  3. wow! good luck, hope your training goes smoothly!

  4. I hope you have an amazing trip! The only canoeing I’ve done is in (very) still water so I can only imagine how exhilarating your experience will be!

  5. That’s going to be so much fun!

  6. SO much fun!!! Before I had little one, my girlfriends and I used to go on annual camping trips together. We’d also go canoeing and kayaking! So fun! Have a blast! Looking forward to hearing about your experience!

  7. good luck on your training trip this weekend – it might be cutting it close to the actual trip, but at least you are getting some practice in!

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