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Oh the Babies!

There is a huge influx of new babies arriving at our office. The first arrived last week. A beautiful little girl, who arrived early at just over six pounds. And I saw her. I touched her little toes. Oh my …

And there are more babies arriving! Three more on the way, to be precise.

I can clearly remember being a young 20-something gal and rolling my eyes so hard it hurt when the women at my office would rush out to greet a colleague bringing in their new baby. You could hear the oohs and ahhs from all the way down the hall. I’d sit at my desk and keep working. Come on, people! It’s just a baby. Don’t lose your mind!

Now, I am one of these silly women losing their minds over the little babies. It must be my age. Or the fact that I know we’re not adding any more children to our brood. Or at least my head knows this. Because if the way these babies are making me feel is any indication, maybe my body hasn’t been informed of this decision yet.

I feel clucky. This is an expression I acquired in Australia. It’s perfect, don’t you think? It goes well with the “nesting” phenomena, and all those other metaphors for the somewhat inexplicable behaviour brought on by female hormones.

So when I came across this video via Design Mom made to announce the arrival of a new baby (side note: some people are way to clever, aren’t they? I didn’t even do regular paper announcements, let alone a video announcement!) I nearly melted into a puddle on the floor. I challenge you to press play and not feel at least a modicum of misty nostalgia.

But really? It this whole baby-craziness related to me actually feeling “clucky” or is it just me getting closer in age to those people who get all kinds of desperate to have grandchildren? Goodness only knows. But it sure tugs at the heart strings. Do you ever feel like this?

And Everything Nice from John Jensen on Vimeo.


  1. one of the best parts of my job is a get to cuddle several newborns a month and lots of babies! and then….. i get to give them back and go home and sleep my 9 hours a night!  i love babies, but i also really love sleep.

  2. I totally get clucky, a lot. And my DH has an appointment with Dr Weiss in a few weeks. I know we are done having kids but it makes me sad knowing I’ll never do that again. It’s like, if you go on vacation and you love it, even though you know you may never go back to that place, you know you could, if you wanted to. But with babies, once you are done, you are done. Not that having a baby is a vacation. Because it isn’t, not even close, not even a working vacation. It just plain work. But you know what I mean. The finality of it makes me sad.  I hope being a grandparent is as awesome as everyone says it is :) And my oldest is only 10. Oh I have a long time to wait. 

  3. Ha, I totally don’t! I love my children, loved them as little babies and thought they were the cutest ever. But other babies…no. I don’t feel the need to touch them or hold them or anything like that. I’ll pass by and have a quick look and probably politely say that they are very cute and adorable, but that’s it. My hubby on the other hand loves to hold little babies…parents with little babies love to have him at parties, because he’ll hold the baby and give mom/dad a rest.

  4. SaraMPhoto says:

    Lol and this is how I found myself pregnant for the third time 😉 The clucking was deafening!!

  5. Up until a year ago I felt the need to produce another offspring at the mere sight, if not the delicious touch, of a newborn. Even toddlers had me all “aaahhh”.

    Now? Sonja sleeping through the night at 4 years 4 month consistently for two weeks for the first time ever? I have to say it’s….different. The babies and toddlers are still cute enough to want to squish in a huge hug or smell their babyheads, but…have another one?

    Sigh. I don’t know. I think we’re done. And if I see a newborn at the school yard or something I glance and smile and then quickly move off. Gotta protect my delicate feelings here…

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