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On (not) educating other people's children

I’m at Jiu Jitsu with my one-year-old and we’re watching and waiting for my 6-year-old to finish her class when bounding-in for the next class come a sibling pair aged 5 and 7.

They immediately approach me (as us Moms know, babies attract the hoards!) and start ogling and asking questions: “What’s he doing?” and “Can he walk?” and “Does he have teeth?” but “Can he talk?”

Their interest is so genuine, so adorable.  

Then out of the blue, the little girl asks: “How does the baby come out?”

Uncharacteristically, I hesitate before answering

Instead, I say: “I think you better ask your Mom or Dad that question.”

She looks disappointed and says: “I have. My Mom always says it’s a looooong, loooong story. “


  1. beyondthepond says:

    That’s adorable, but for sure you gave her the right answer. 😉

  2. Priceless! Well handled….

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