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Planning for a Big Boy’s Room

When we moved into this house, we’d promised Stella that we’d decorate her room right away. She was feeling upset about leaving our old home and neighbourhood and we thought that a special room of her own would help. We followed through on that promise and her room is pretty darn cute, if I say so myself.

But for Max, a toddler with no real emotional ties to the old house, we simply plunked his existing furniture into the new bedroom. We lucked out because the family before us had a young boy and the room was already painted in bold primary colours. He already had a wooden toddler bed fashioned as a fire engine and it all worked well together.

He’s getting far too big for his toddler bed (even though he still loves it fiercely) and the room will need to be re-worked to fit a twin bed. I think this will be the perfect time to decorate his room up as well.

However, I only want to do it once. Or at least once, until the teen years hit. So I don’t want anything overly “themed” like this pirate room below in case his tastes change.

Boys Bedroom 20


Naturally, I’ve been surfing about on Pinterest to see ideas. (It is my “go to” place for ideas on anything these days!) Some of the rooms are just so cool! But, realistic to source or even afford? Probably not. But check out these anyways:

Boys bedroom


boys bedroom


Boys Bedroom


I’m thinking that a solid wall colour (his current wall has stripes) with bedding and curtains that don’t have a specific theme are the best way to go in terms of longevity. Then, accents could be added to change things up every couple of years … such as new pillows or wall hangings. For inspiration, I’ve been looking at the rooms below.

boys bedroom


boys bedroom


Both of the above rooms are too “old” for Max. But I can see being able to add the things he likes now — anything with wheels! — by throw cushions, art work, and area rugs.

But I am still so very tempted by this tipi tent. Wouldn’t it be the most awesome place to hang out and read on a Sunday afternoon?

boys room


Have you decorated a young child’s room? How did to move from toddler to big kid in terms of colour and decor? Did you run into any pitfalls? Do tell!

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  1. Stefteach says:

    Well…you can use classic pooh in 2000 when he is born and then in 2011 remove the classic pooh border and then in 2012 pay a painter to paint it WHATEVER COLOURS he wants since you waited so long and then he picks black and red and you panic but when it’s done it looks AWESOME and he is so happy. Saved!

  2. NicoleShadbolt says:

    Thanks for this, Julie. ┬áWe are planning a move and will have two kids’ rooms to decorate (ages 3 1/2 and 1 1/2) – I am having a hard time knowing where to start. ┬áBut I love these ideas. ┬áThanks!

    • coffeewithjulie says:

      @NicoleShadbolt┬áI know what you mean … I want something “special” but at the same time, I don’t want them to tire of it in a year or two. Send me any ideas you come across! Two minds are better than one!

  3. i want a tee pee in my room!

  4. OMG, whatever you do, don’t give the child a pirate room like the one above!
    Nice, bold primary colours for the walls, a solid wood twin bed + dresser, some shelving for his toys, and he’s on his way.
    We found these big wall stickers that don’t damage the paint that allow you to “theme” the room with cars or superheroes or w/e. They come right off so no worries about switching themes every now and then.

    • coffeewithjulie says:

      Haha! Tell me how you really feel about the pirate room? :) Beware of those stickers that promise not to damage paint … I put some up in Stella’s room and then took them down and off came some paint. :(

  5. You know I’m doing the same thing with D’s room? we are slowly getting there, just need to find a day I can pull out all his stuff and paint the walls.
    thought you might like this post:

    • coffeewithjulie says:

      @GiuliaDoyle Thanks for sharing that other post! I clicked through to the pinterest board and I just loved everything! The fish curtains were especially cute and I loved the artwork with the cars.

  6. I love all those rooms!
    we went with solid colours, and cool wallpaper borders for our boys’ rooms! we just recently changed my 10yr old son’s border- from little boy trains to big boy surf boards! it looks awesome. it was a super easy, and cheap up-date! we have also changed art work/posters and bedding but left the paint the same. i recommend this approach!!
    have fun with it!

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