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Remember how you used to scrapbook? Yeah, me too …


This time last week, I was madly searching throughout my basement for my scrapbooking supplies. My poor scrapbooks have been terribly neglected and ignored for years. But somehow I had gotten myself signed up for a weekend scrapbooking retreat with my long-lost scrapbooking buddies and now I needed to resurrect the stuff.

You know when people use the expression that something’s probably “covered in dust” because they hadn’t used it for a long time? Well, my scrapbooking bags were literally covered in dust!


Why, yes, that is a rather large scrapbooking bag isn’t it? I know, I know! I was one of those people who fell head over heels — madly in love! — with scrapbooking when it started to really become a rage back around 2002 … the year Stella was born. I went to the scrapbooking parties, workshops, and retreats. I even became a consultant for a short time too (I stopped because I never sold that much — I just bought things for myself!).

And I’d bet my bottom dollar that some of you reading this right now are nodding your head in agreement and thinking, “Oh yeah … scrapbooking. I did love it, but I can’t remember the last time I did it.” I also know that many people have switched from paper scrapbooking to digital scrapbooking. Although I am keen on the idea of digital scrapbooking through sites like Blurb and Shutterfly, I still have some paper scrapbooks that aren’t finished. And that kinda drives me crazy. I want them finished, darn it!! I love nothing more than pulling out a finished album and letting the memories wash over me. Don’t you?


I have a large album that I started in 2008 to chronicle our year in Australia. 2008 is really feeling like a long time ago now. Back then, I had a new born baby and now I have a very big boy who goes to school full-time. I really want this darn 2008 album to be finished! That was the goal I had in mind when I agreed and set off to last weekend’s scrapbooking retreat.

But I also wanted to just rest a bit. It’s been a really busy few months. I brought Alice Munro’s short story collections Dear Life and a book on “mindfulness” — a topic I want to learn more about. Plus, my mom and I usually do these retreats together and it was going to be an opportunity to get in some quality time with her.

In the past, Marsha, our scrapbooking leader extraordinaire, usually booked us into a location in Cornwall. We each get our own hotel room and then there is a large conference room where we all set up our albums and equipment and hang out all weekend chit chatting, snacking, and scrapping.

This time, we were trying out a new locale. It was called the Glen House Resort and located in Gananoque, which is only about an hour and a half drive from my home town of Ottawa. Well, what a treat it turned out to be — our rooms faced right out over the water and had fireplaces in them. It really felt like a holiday!

Glen House Resort, Gananoque

This photo above was from Saturday, where we had lots of sun. You can even see in the edge of this photo that my friend Penny was outside in just a t-shirt. Sunday was overcast and rainy (good for staying in and getting scrapbooking done!).

There is something about being near water that always brings me a sense of peace. I’m not sure why. But I certainly should get a home near the water one day! (When I win the lotto, I will retire by the sea. Yes, of course you can visit. Bring red wine with you.)


In the end, I did get some reading done. I did get some catching up with girlfriends. I did get some quality time with my mom. And I did get some new pages completed that I am happy with.


But you know what? My 2008 album is still not finished … I really hope I’m not still saying this in 2018.

How about you … Did you ever start scrapbooking? What do you do with all your electronic photo files? (Mine are all over the place on different devices and computers. *sigh*)


  1. OH Julie! you can talk about not having/ taking time to do just about anything else and I would comment “Yes! Me too. I am with you on that sister!!”.

    But when it comes to this topic, and you tell me you have a book to finish from 2008, my skin literally begins to crawl and inside I am screaming “Noooooo”!

    You know I love to make photo books and I lovingly make one from every family trip. I am feeling a bit antsy as I haven’t finished this summer’s yet. I suppose as photography is my passion and livelihood that this makes sense.

    Whatever people do with their photos, I strongly encourage everyone to PRINT the good ones, even if they get stuck in a shoe box! keeping them on your computer/portable harddrive, cd’s etc.. is not the solution if you want future generations to see them!! I have heard so many horror stories of files being corrupted/deleted and lost forever!! print print print!

    and no, this comment is not sponsored by Blacks :)

    p.s. your retreat looks awesome! what a great idea.

    • I know … I know! Electronic files everywhere and nothing labelled or printed. My kids have had a million photos taken of them and yet they could make it to adult hood with no single printed photo!

  2. You know what, I’ve never caught on to the scrapbooking thing. I’m much more of a “put the photos in chronological order in nice rows in albums” kind of girl. Though someone gave me a scrapbook when my first daughter was born, and I felt obliged to put something together, so I think I did a decent job of capturing her first year. After that…nothing!

    • Kate, I say that as long as you have printed them and put them in an album, you are up for mother of the year! Way ahead of most of us! My parents have their albums all organized like this and it’s wonderful to be able to pull them out by the year and browse through them.

  3. Omg, yes. I scrapbooked my son’s first year, three books, then I got tired of cutting and taping, now it’s all done by computers and I love it, although it’s not the same sense of accomplishment :)

  4. hahahaha this post made me laugh, I have a chest full of scrap booking supplies that have not seen the light in over 3 years… before I had my boys!

  5. You need to come over and play! I have a basement full of goodies just waiting for scrapbooking *g*. Also, I love Glen House. Have been going there for knitting retreats for years (was there the beginning of Nov!)

  6. I once made a mini scrapbook photo album, and my kids enjoy looking at it 15 years later. Unfortunately, I have thousands of photos and not enough time to scrapbook!

  7. I loved scrapbooking (and still do) but have done so much less of it since my boys were born. I have lots of scrapbook supplies waiting to be made into something, but haven’t had the time to do it!
    My digital files are semi organized – that is actually a project for the Christmas holidays – hoping I can get it all organized!

  8. lol I bought a scrapbook when my oldest son was born and not one page is filled out! I suck! I love the idea of digital scrapbooking, those shutterfly books are so great to put together! and any excuse to getaway is okay in my books!

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