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Smuggs — here we come!

Our family didn’t downhill when I was growing up, nor did Hubby’s. We’d like to introduce the kids to downhill while they’re still young. You know … before that fear factor sets in. Fear stops a lot of people from doing a lot of things. But when you start young, or at least have a little introduction to something when you’re young, it always seems to make a difference. Like learning to swim as a kid versus an adult, or a new language, or sport — you name it. Our adult minds can put so many barriers in front of things that youthful zeal simply doesn’t allow for.

A budding nordic John Travolta.

I don’t even really care for downhill skiing though. It’s just an experience that I’d like my children to have. But when you visit a ski resort for a weekend, it is a HOLIDAY! And I love holidays. So I am so excited that we’re going to visit Smuggler’s Notch, or “Smuggs,” as it’s often called.

I’ve heard about Smuggler’s for ages and the thing that really caught my attention was the stellar reputation of their kids’ programs. The resort has invited my family to visit for a three-night stay this winter season. To help us learn more about the resort and plan our stay, we were sent a package, which arrived this weekend.

Wow, this is no ski hill and a few restaurants. This is like a winter Disneyland — there is so much to do!

We watched the DVD that came in the package on Sunday evening. Stella, who’s nine, is particularly excited about the zipline and the arts & crafts programs. Max, who’s three, is interested in the skiing with other children. And Hubby, who is snow-crazy, is excited that not only can he ski and snowboard, but he can also go ice-climbing.

As for me, I’m looking forward to having a proper ski lesson (normally I just point my skiis straight ahead and hold my breath down the green hills!) and taking part in a guided snow-shoe trek. But I’m also hoping that if the kids’ programs are as great as they are reputed to be, that I can grab a bit of “me time” while we’re there as well. Is that so wrong?

Update: Here are all the posts related to our 2012 trip to Smugglers’ Notch, Vermont: Day 1 recap, Day 2 recap, and the cool cafe we visited before driving back home to Ottawa. I also shared our trip experience on Road Trips for Families, which you can read here


  1. I’ve heard good things about Smuggler’s Notch from friends who have been there. Enjoy your time away. Maybe especially those quiet moments by yourself.

  2. We just came back from a week at Smugglers Notch!  Our kids each did a ski program and had a great time.  Our 5yr old did the full day camp for 5 days and loved wearing his GPS tracking device and his ‘cookie race’ at the end of his week.  We spent each evening in the ‘Fun Zone’ bouncing on slides and competing through obstacles.  My daughter and I enjoyed a pottery painting session with some friends and we also checked out the pool a couple of times.  It was a fanatastic family vacation- would definitely go back!  Enjoy Julie!

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