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Spreading the joy

We’re all sick here. Yucky, nose-dripping, achy-type annoying sick. Not the real serious, barfy, feverish, gonna-die sick. And as much I would like to wallow in it, there are deadlines, lunches to be made, and heads to be shampooed. In other words, life goes on.

But it gets tricky when you really want to see a friend. Do I risk spreading my contagion to them?

For instance, I haven’t seen my best friend for weeks and we’re scheduled to spend the whole day at a scrapbooking workshop together. The thing is … she’s 8 months pregnant, and well, let’s just say this baby is measuring [cough, cough] rather, ugh, large. She’s at that waddling, kill-me-now stage. Do I want to add this sicky-joy to her already overflowing joy of low iron and a back that feels like it’s about to snap in two? Probably not. And yet – I REALLY want to see her. What a downer.

Plus, another day this weekend, I am scheduled to spend time meadering around the Rideau Centre, looking at pretty things and then eating pretty things before heading to the NAC and watching pretty dancing. This is yet another friend I haven’t seen in ages. Seriously, ages. We’ve had this scheduled for over a month now. Sure, you’re thinking, no big deal. Go ahead — infect those folks at Rideau Centre and the NAC — you’d actually be doing them a favour. It would be good for helping them build up their immune system, right? Yeah, I know, and I totally agree. But here’s the thing: my dear buddy has surgery the very next day. I really, really wanted to spend some ol’  fashioned girly time with her.

Damn Darn this cold and its damn darn timing!

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  1. Jules-
    Unless you plan to ask every other sick patron of the NAC to stay home so that your friend does not get sick, I suggest you go and enjoy – both each other’s company and the show. You don’t have to full-on kiss on the lips or share the same straw to have a wonderful time out together!

  2. What Kathryn said. Also you’re not contagious anymore. I believe you’re most contagious the 3 days before you even know you’re sick and the first day or two that you are sick.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    We did it – and I am not sick or dying. Thanks for a great afternoon.

    I later shared my work with Connor at 2am when he decided to stay up for 2 freak’n hours!

    Love it!

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