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Why is it still Monday? This calls for a giveaway! How about LEGOLAND Discovery Centre passes?


We are likely some of the only people I know who have yet to visit LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, just outside of Toronto. It’s really quite inexcusable considering how cray-cray my whole family (including the Hubby) is about Lego.

In fact, you might recall that we took the kids to New York City and the Empire State Building and Central Park didn’t make their list of Top 5 NYC Highlights — but the LEGO store sure did!

Who cares about the Empire State Building when there's a LEGO store in NYC!

Who cares about the Empire State Building when there’s a LEGO store in NYC!

But perhaps we’ll take the kids on a roadtrip to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre for a long weekend to help make Spring come faster. (Because, please, ENOUGH ALREADY!) I know that the following would be the top attractions for my gang:

How about you? What would be the #1 attraction for you or someone in your family? Visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre website and leave me a comment below to let me know.

All comments that answer the above question will be entered to win a Family Pass (4 tickets) for entry to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. The value of this prize is $88 and the tickets will be mailed directly to the winner. I will randomly draw a name on Friday, March 13th. 


  1. oh my goodness this would blow my kids’ minds away! I think they would love the 4D cinema, factory tour – star wars. yikes, the list goes on! Thanks for the chance Julie!

  2. Totally the factory tour and just gawking at all the models. My kids will never be too old for Lego! You should see their rooms. …

  3. My youngest would love the Duplo village and the older ones would want to see the LEGO® Star Wars™ MINILAND Model Display !

  4. My girlies would love this, just the tour for starters and then the 4d cinema and rides!

  5. We haven’t been either, but are heading to the GTA this summer.. it just might happen! My kids would be all over the LEGO Racers!

  6. Nicole S. says:

    My kids would love the Duplo area! We’ve never been there but they want to go. :)

  7. Katharine W says:

    Would love the check out the 4D experience. I think my girls would love all parts of Legoland

  8. Brenda A says:

    Just the word Lego would have my girls jumping (with mom and dad right behind) in overwhelming joy!!! Seeing the super display models would inspire creation at home. The 4D ride would be a huge hit as well. Thanks Julie!

  9. My boys spend hours each day playing with Legos…yet we were never at Legoland! They would probably cry from joy. Thanks for the chance

  10. It would be a fun outing for my nieces to go to for their birthdays. What to go too!!

  11. Well I have to admit, it’s the store that would probably be the biggest attraction for my kids – they will not stop until they own ALL THE LEGO. I’m sure they would love the new Star Wars miniland though – heaven knows my son spends enough time recreating every scene from Star Wars ever in LEGO format, it’s sure to inspire him!

  12. My two boys and I have been to Legoland in both Germany and Florida, and a number of Lego stores. Haven’t made it to the Toronto Discovery Centre yet – hopefully soon. They would love the LEGO Star Wars MINILAND Model.

  13. Wow–would be a toss up for sure! I think the girls would love the Merlin’s Apprentice Ride and I know they would love the Lego Friends exhibits. Earthquake tables would appeal to my youngest! And, everyone would love the 4D cinema! Count us in on this contest. Thanks for the giveaway!

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