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Stuff that happened this week

I didn’t get around to posting anything on my blog this week because my husband has taken to making these beautiful after-work drinks called Brandy Lime & Soda. Mmmm… they are such a refreshing summer drink. But trust me that you will lose any desire to be productive after having one (which isn’t such a bad thing of course, but just be warned).

I’ve been missing you though and even though I’ve already consumed said drink, I’ll attempt to share some fun things that happened this week.


Some Ottawa bloggers were featured in the Ottawa at Home magazine: Dani, Andrea, Annie, Loukia and me too! If you blink, you might miss my two sentences of fame but I am thrilled to have been included in such great company! (The article does not seem to be online, but it’s on newstands now.)


Stella was eager to participate in her school’s talent show this year. As the auditions approached, she struggled to figure out a “talent” since she does not sing, dance or play an instrument like many of the other children who were auditioning. I suggested that she had a talent for reading and that oration or public speaking was a talent. She was surprised but happy to recognize that this could be a talent and we set about to find a piece for her to read.

After sharing a number of pieces of poetry with her, she selected one from my friend Andrea’s “stealth poetry” posts. And off she went to the auditions. After waiting on pins and needles for days, she came home with the news that she made it into the talent show, which took place this past Tuesday.

I have no shame in admitting that after she stood up in front of her whole school and read the poem in full — without notes and so clearly and proud — that this mamma was a bit of a blubbery mess.


I went to visit a Montessori school and was amazed by how calm and civilized a group of 15 toddlers could be! I am quite interested in the Montessori method as a potential learning environment for my son Max who is turning two-years old soon, so if you have any experiences or thoughts to share, I’d love to hear them.


After dinner, hubby went out to pick up some moleskin bandages. And with that, he is now completely and utterly packed – down to the last detail! – for his upcoming mountain climbing adventure in the Rockies. And? It’s not for ages … he is so cute – just like a kid waiting for Christmas!


I got to meet A Crafty Mom’s three children as she headed out for their first camping trip as a family of five. The kids were so beautiful and SO excited to be going camping. They are going to have a blast, but I did wonder if perhaps I should have packed her up a Sigg bottle with a nice little Brandy, Lime & Soda.


  1. I saw the piece just yesterday in Ottawa at Home. Congrats!! Oh, and I too was a blubbery mess this week after watching my little girlaboutOtown speak her 6 lines clearly in the class play. Two thumbs to Stella for finding her voice! :)

  2. my littlest guy started in a montessori about 2 months ago. for me it is a great option…they only have 3 children in the 18-30 month group. this kind of one on one is fabulous. the whole school is quite small, very well run and from what i have seen from other montessori schools, falls on the more…um…strict? side of the whole implementation of the montessori method. it is working very well for my little guy ( 21 months old ) but was not the right fit for my daughter, who referred to it as her “jail school”. we still laugh about that ) she is my free spirit who really did not embrace the whole circle time!!

    i am really happy with the school – i hope you are as well:)

  3. I read most of the article online since I’m on the West Coast so obviously no access to an Ottawa magazine :) Someone posted a link on Twitter…it took some searching to find it but I did.

    My oldest was in Montessori this past year. She has learned SO much, way more than I would expect to see from a traditional preschool setting so I recommend it. It isn’t for every kid but it worksed for mine…of course, she still doesn’t listen as well at home as she does at school! The teachers must have magic LOL

  4. Congratulations to Stella! I’m so glad that someone made such good use of one of our stealth poetry posts!

  5. Good on her for getting up there and reading it!

    I’ve heard good things and not-so good things about Montesorri Schools in the region. I think, like anywhere else, it depends who is leading the group. I hate decisions like this… they seem so monumental…

  6. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments about Stella’s big moment on the talent show stage and for the thoughts on Montessori.

  7. Thanks for sharing your week with us!

    Congratulations to Stella for her poetry reading and to you for the Ottawa at Home. I was tickled when I saw you & the other ladies there.

  8. Hi Jules!

    Both of my boys attended Montessori schools until such time as they could attend kindergarten. I have nothing but positive things to say after 8 years of Monetessori. I’m happy to discuss with you further – about my and my kids experiences with this method of learning. I might add, my youngest is a VERY spirited (and often downright challenging and off-the-wall!)and this was the absolute best place for him to learn and grow…and he loved the empowerment and indepence that is fostered in that environment. My youngest will now be half day JK and half day Montessori (he has been at a different Montessori since his first bday).
    Wow…congrats to Stella!!!! VERY cool indeed!!!!

  9. yay, congrats to stella!!

    i have mixed feelings about montessori, but my experience has only been in korea. the kids are definitely civilized, but is that how kids should be? sometimes i think it goes against children’s nature – to be loud, energetic and full of imagination. i love the independence of it and the whole concept of learning, but i would agree with others, that it isn’t for every child.

    i want one of those after-work drinks!!

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