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The Dining Table is Finished! The Dining Table is Finished!

Back in April, I had told you about Hubby’s plans to build a dining table. We wanted something BIG … big enough to host our whole family easily at any time. And he has a strong affection for modern, crisp clean lines.

It was a labour of love my friends, but it is now complete and I am thrilled!

Dining table showing the base

It is over 9 feet in length, so we’ll be able to have 10-12 people around it for sure. After the jump, you can check out some more photos.

Top view of new dining table

The name of the wood used is “bubinga,” which I find impossible to say without adding “ba-da-boom, ba-da, bing!” But I digress … it’s a really heavy hardwood. And the grain of this wood is absolutely stunning. Here’s a close-up:

close up of the bubinga wood grain

Now, I really need to get to work on the choice of chair! Hubby prefers a mid-century modern style (like some of these), but I’m worried that it will simply be too much wood …. perhaps a super modern white chair (like this)? And also? Holy moley, 10 chairs is gonna be a lot of pennies!

full length view of dining table

My uncle gifted us with an absolutely gorgeous carpet that we’ve been using in the front sitting room. But I’m thinking that perhaps I’ll move it into the dining room. It has blacks, greys, and reds. I’m also tempted to paint that accent wall over in black, but shhhh … don’t tell Hubby! He will certainly not be in the mood for more painting after the big white wash.

full view of dining table

Oh yes, and we also need a curtain rod, curtains, a buffet, and a chandelier. But hey, we have a dining table! (Thank you to my seriously crazy-talented Hubby! I just love it!)


  1. Wowie zowie. It’s gorgeous! I just love it. Your DH did a fantastic job!

  2. that is awesome!

  3. Love the table – beautiful wood and amazing legs. Great job! Have you thought of chairs and an upholstered bench/settee on the left under your pass through? It could break up all the legs and add some warmth with upholstery.

    • Hmm … upholstery! Now, that’s a good idea. I like the warmth it could bring but I’ve always hesitated because food, nice material, and children don’t always go so well together :) As for the bench idea, now that is something we’ve been considering for a long time. But I can’t decide if it’s a trend that will go tired soon as well as if it would be comfortable to sit without a back for a long dinner.

    • I agree … upholstery would be lovely and add great texture and warmth. But I worry about trying to keep the seats clean. 

  4. It’s beautiful!  Congratulations to your DH for his wonderful work.

    I will be interested to see what you do for the seating.  Seems there’s a trend now to mix chairs (love Giulia’s idea for a bench) so that gives you lots of options.  Perhaps you can add some new chairs to those that you already have for an interesting blend.  Enjoy!

    • Oh, we won’t be using the pressed back chair with this table … we’ve had them since we first got married and really want a change. But I have been thinking about mix and match chairs, if only to cut down on the costs.

  5. Gasp! He MADE that? Crazy mad props! If I did not already have a dining table I adore, I would commission one in a heartbeat! Wow!

  6. Capitalmom says:

    It looks beautiful!

  7. Nice job D – your hubby is talented in so many ways – just like you J.

  8. AMAZING!!! It looks so great, what a talented man you got!

  9. Your husband is very talented, he did a fantastic job!

  10. Thank you for all the lovely comments! Like I said, I am thrilled with his work and the final outcome! (But he would be totally uncomfortable with all the attention … good thing he rarely reads the blog … hee hee!) :)



    The Dining Table is Finished! The Dining Table is Finished! – coffee with Julie

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    The Dining Table is Finished! The Dining Table is Finished! – coffee with Julie

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