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The Master Bed

Since we moved into our new home last summer, Hubby and I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. That’s right, just like college kids. What happened was that when we moved in, my mother-in-law and step-father-in-law were visiting from Australia and we wanted to be sure they had a comfortable bed. So we moved our existing bed right into the guest room of our new home and it’s been there ever since.

That bed was actually created by hand in a low-ceiling basement by Hubby in 1995. We had moved in together (yes, we lived in sin before we got married – shocking!) and were sleeping on a futon on the floor. So for my birthday, he had been secretly building a bed in the basement of the apartment building.

It was a mighty fine bed. And it’s still a mighty fine bed.

But now, we have our second master bed. This one, Hubby has just recently finished making. It’s a design based on everything I’ve pointed out in catalogues and stores that I like. Things like a high, large headboard and wood that extends right down to the floor so you can’t see under the bed (once a lazy housewife, always a lazy housewife!). The wood itself is called wenge, which is a very rich, dark brown wood with nearly black grains. We actually bought the material to make both the dining room table and the master bed at the same time, which was before we had even moved into the new house! Here’s an up-close sample of the wenge grain:

So yes, we’re excited to furnish our house with lovely things. But the process has been slow (as I know so many of you can also relate to!). However, here is the end result! (Note how although we’re off the floor now, we still have yet to have any other furniture in this room, nor drapery … baby steps, baby steps!)

If that duvet cover looks familiar to any of you, then you’re no doubt a Dwell Studio fan like I am. The duvet and pillow covers have been sitting in my closet for a good 10 months or so patiently waiting until their time. I had treated myself to them shortly after moving in but didn’t want to use them until the new bed was made. As the countdown was getting closer to the bed being finished, I bought the sheets from Homesense on a Mother’s Day excursion with a girlfriend. They’re Egyptian cotton and some kind of crazy thread count like 1,000 — I kid you not! Soooooo nice! (And at least a third less the price than Dwell.)

Although my linens are not ironed (please! I can’t go there!) like theirs, I was delighted to see that Dwell had chosen this same duvet set to use in their new flagship store in SoHo, New York City. Naturally, being the good little blogger that I am, I took a picture on my phone. I like the pop of yellow they used with the striped pillow, don’t you?

So that’s the story of our master bed. Hubby is already dreading the inevitable suggestions I have for changing the paint colour in the master bedroom to match the duvet set! I’ll add on to this tale once the bedside tables are complete (I think they’re going to be gorgeous!), and then I’ll need your help deciding on lightening, drapery and other bits of furniture!

In every design show on earth, they talk of how the master bedroom should be a relaxing retreat for parents. But I wonder — does this happen in reality? What’s your master bedroom like? Does it include toys under foot or a lock on the door? :)

Edited to add: The side tables for the bed are done now! You can check them out on this post.


    i love that bed!! good work, hubby!!

  2. What a beautiful bed, your husband did a great job & you just have to love the wenge wood!
    As for our master bedroom being a relaxing retreat, well you think it would be considering our daughter is university aged but we have to factor in the three dogs who are allowed in the room (though I draw the line at the bed itself).  I love our furry friends but “relaxing” isn’t a word I would associate with them very often :)

    • coffeewithjulie says:

       @TatianaDokuchic Three dogs? Yeah … that’s a lot of movement and extra bodies in the bedroom! Although I was reading the wackiest story in the paper the other day about a couple that shares a bed with a gorilla! Can you believe that? They started when they took him in as a baby and haven’t stopped … a full-sized gorilla! 

  3. RenaissanceDaze says:

    Beautiful! RT @coffeewithjulie (new post) The Master Bed #homedecor #shelter

  4. Karen_C_Wilson says:

    It’s gorgeous! I was just showing Matt because he’s been talking about building one for us for years. It always gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Maybe seeing others doing it will bump it up. 😉 

    • coffeewithjulie says:

       @Karen_C_Wilson I’m sure Hubby wouldn’t mind sharing his design drawings! (That might help save time and push it up the list too! :))

  5. Julie — you tell your hubby that he can come over and work with his hands in my bedroom too!! :-) 
    He did a great job. 
    Our master has the potential to be that special retreat but need major updating. Oh yes, and the clothes need to be hung up, the bed made and the stuffed animals returned to my son’s room. Other than that — very spa-like. LOL!

    • coffeewithjulie says:

      He hee! Yes, Trish, I’ll let him know that! :) 
      Ours totally has the potential too. And fortunately, the previous owners did all the updating so we don’t need to worry about that. So far, the kids stay out of our “retreat” with the exception of Max who insists on using our extra large tub. I suppose the boy has extravagant tastes like his father 😉

  6. NicoleShadbolt says:

    It’s beautiful!  And that duvet cover is gorgeous.  Your hubby is very talented.
    My bedroom looks like a dumping ground.  We haven’t done a thing to it.  One of these days….

    • coffeewithjulie says:

       @NicoleShadbolt The dumping ground thing? I highly suspect you are not alone!! It’s kind of the last priority in the house, really, since areas like the kitchen and family entrance are such constant clean-up zones that the last thing one feels like doing is cleaning before bed, right? 

      • NicoleShadbolt says:

         @coffeewithjulie Right!  And it’s the room that I can pretty much guarantee guests won’t see.  So when we have company, I end up piling the excess junk in there…and there it sits.  Part of the problem is that it’s quite spacious, so there is a lot of room for piles.  :)

  7. Love the bed and the sheets! The wait was worth it.
    Our bedroom is simple, no toys, but a dresser full of folded clothes on most days. I’m going to change the wall colour soon though…it’s on the list!

  8. Julie, that is one gorgeous bed, and the empty room is like a blank canvas just waiting for your finishing touches. I can’t wait for future updates.

  9. Gorgeous! I’m so jealous that your hubby can MAKE that — he’s so talented! Love that pop of yellow in the store window, too. 

  10. wow, that’s some next level DIY :) looks incredible. off to check out your post about the dining table

    • coffeewithjulie says:

       @Nataliya To be fair, I wouldn’t classify Hubby as a DIYer. He’s been creating since he was a kid and is qualified to teach the stuff. As for the dining table, it is now taking shape in the garage — I am sooo excited for it! The colouring in the wood looks so beautiful and it’s HUGE! 

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