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The Weekend White Wash

The weekend that was … was all paint, all the time.

We chose our new home specifically to avoid having to do any kind of renovations. We were tired of spending our time on them, and wanted to spend our free time on travelling. Or pretty much anything else really. Hubby loves to work with his hands, but the tedious work of painting and drywall — not so much.

But … (you knew there was a “but” coming, right?) the peachy undertone of the paint in our hallway was not working for us. It didn’t coordinate with any of our existing furniture and we didn’t particularly care for it either. So after testing out white walls in the dining room, I was all over the white walls; a complete Benjamin Moore Cloud White convert! I have no more indecision about white walls — I love them. Plain and simple.

Painting the halls, however, is not a simple endeavor in our place. The main floor is completely open concept, so every room except for the kitchen has to be painted. To make matters exponentially more difficult, the open concept extends upwards as well. This meant that Hubby went up and down a ladder all weekend — up three-stories, down three-stories — and repeat! It was a ton of work. And it’s not done yet.


While Hubby was working his tail off all weekend, it was my job to keep the kids occupied and out of the house. It was a tad challenging with the heat, and I must admit to having many a cranky-mommy moment. But we all survived. And today the kids are at a camp and Hubby will be working in peace. It sure is darn cute when Max is so eager to help, but it slows down the big white-wash.

p.s. Hubby just called me at the office from the paint store. He says, “So, I’m picking up the black paint for the doors. You still want to do that, right?” Me: “What? You’re buying black paint right now?! I haven’t picked the colour of black yet!” Hubby: “Well, black is black.” Me: “No, black is not black! That’s like saying white is white.” Honestly, painting your house makes you sound like a crazy person.


  1. So much work, but it will be worth it! It’s such a great colour.

  2. I laughed at the phone conversation you guys had at the end! Too funny (and yes, there is a difference!). Best of luck with the rest of it; it’ll look great when you’re done! 

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