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The Year’s Jack-o-lantern: Untitled

So, usually, we have some kind of theme running throughout the year. One year it was Pokemons, another year it was the Angler Fish. But this year? Nothing … nadda. Hubby and I are running on empty (and yet, we are still running at full speed!).

The result is that this year’s jack-o-latern is …. well, it’s called “Untitled.” Sometimes life just works out that way, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty darn good anyhow, right?

While Hubby and Stella were busy carving away with sharp implements, I made some Kraft Dinner to push into the kids’ mouth before they headed out the door to trick-or-treat (and distracted Max away from the formerly mentioned sharp implements!)

Stella was a jelly fish. Max, a firefighter.

We joined a massive gang of kids from our street and had a grand ol’ time! In total, I think there were nine kids and four moms doing the walk this year.

Around 7:15 pm, Max wore out and I took him home with another little fella on my shoulders. Stella arrived back about an hour later.

Both she and Max seemed very impressed with their haul of candy.

The kids are now tucked away in bed. Hubby and I both have laptops open, checking work emails, sipping a glass of red wine, and snacking on Halloween treats that we promised we wouldn’t steal into.


  1. ha ha, sounds like a fun evening :) I’m dipping into my kid’s stash too!

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