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Things I’d like to Bottle-Up Forever

As I sit sipping a coffee and enjoying some mellow time on a Saturday morning, I take in a deep breath and recall how much I have craved this — and for so long, it seems. The kids, now 9 and 3 1/2, are so much more independent and are happy doing their own thing until we leave for Stella’s drawing class at 9:30 this morning. The days of early wake-ups and diapers to change are now in the past.

And knowing that they are in the past, makes me recognize that some of my most cherished things today will soon be a yesterday. From the daily pleasures of parenthood, these are the things I’d like to bottle-up forever:

  • How Max, who is 3, will run downstairs if he notices that I am in the laundry and chant, “I help? I help!”
  • How Max says “Aw-wright” instead of “Alright.” I can’t even bear to correct him, it is just that cute.
  • How Stella, who is 9, will get Max some breakfast in the morning and even put his potty seat on the toilet for him.
  • How when I come home from work, both kids rush out to greet me with hugs and “Hi Mom!”
  • How Stella has decided that she will be an artist and go to the same university that I went to, in the hopes of staying in the same dorm building.
  • How Max has the most adorable dimples right above his bottom.
  • How Stella shares all her feelings so frankly with us.

I know these things will change with time. So I record them here, and hope it helps me remember them forever.


  1. Trish Roche says:

    Oh Julie — I completely relate to this post. T is at that glorious age too. I love that he still wants nothing better than to climb into bed with me EVERY morning for a snuggle before he starts his day. I love that we can sit together reading our own books, but that T wants to sit side-by-side so we touch. I’ll miss it when he no longer thinks I am the smartest and most beautiful person he knows (his words). And I’ll miss how delicious his head smells when his hair hasn’t been washed in a few days. I savour these moments and I know they won’t last. Ah but such lovely memories to take forward.

  2. oh so sweet. I crave that independence and then remind myself not to rush it. The 2yo will be 3 soon enough. I should write a post like this to remind me of what I love.

  3. Beautiful – I so understand this. I don’t want to let my 2 1/2 year grow up, my almost-6 year old is already closer to 14. I was just thinking that I need to get the video camera out more often to capture their cuteness like when the little one says “warm milk chocolate milk Dada!!” in her little baby way of talking. I can’t bear to correct it when she mispronounces her words or can’t say her consonants right.

  4. coffee with Julie says:

    And of course … 10 minutes after writing this post, the toddler had a big ol’ rant! Ha! 

  5. Yes, can we please bottle these amazing little memories up.  Just another reason why keeping a journal or blog can be so fulfilling to look back on.

  6. It is the little things that make up the memories…the sights, the sounds, the smells…the feeling of their little hands enveloped in ours. I keep looking for the button I can push to keep them at this age for just a little longer.

  7. such special times :)  and if we don’t catch ourselves the time slips away-  its is such a good idea to sit down and record these things every once in a while – happy family day :)

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