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This Year’s Pinata: A Flying Dragon

On Friday, Stella turned nine years old. And in keeping with the birthday traditions around here, a piñata was a usual must. While last year, the angler fish was the creature of choice, the mighty dragon is this year’s. Stella’s favourite is the Chinese Lung Dragon, which looks like this:


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Time and materials were in short supply this morning before the full extended family were going to descend upon the house this afternoon for a BBQ party. But Hubby managed to whip up something cool though and here is a rendition of a flying dragon:

Hey! Look at me, I'm flying!

What the ... You're gonna do WHAT to me???


  1. I see memories of the angler fish coming through withthe dragons head :)

    Very cool!

  2. That is awesome!

  3. So creative. I love it!

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