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This Year’s Pinata: The Angler Fish

The pinata is a bit of a birthday tradition around here. Each year, Stella gets to pick a favourite creature and then she and her Dad create a pinata in its likeness. I’m not sure if we started making them because that’s just the way Hubby likes to do things or if it was because we could not find pinatas that appealed to Stella’s eccentric unique taste.

Either way, this year we have The Angler Fish. Apparently, this is now Stella’s favourite animal. If you’d like to learn more about this creature, there is a great overview on Oatmeal you might enjoy.

So this is what the Angler Fish looks like in real life. Pretty, isn’t it? This photograph by Bruce Robison shows how the angler fish has its own natural lure suspended in front of its face to draw in unsuspecting victims.

And here is what the final pinata looks like:

Despite how beautiful these pinatas are, each year they live but a short life before being pummelled to smithereens by a pack of children wielding sticks.

p.s. Yes, I have tons to share with you about my trip to Northern Quebec! But first I must attend to the birthday party preparations.

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  1. I see no photo of the finished pinata… but I’m sure it’s … ummm… looks just like an angler fish — Hopefully a full grown female one.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Nat! I was trying to do things too quickly and didn’t save my photos properly. I hope it works for you now?

  3. Heather Ann says:

    Wow! I heart your husband and daughter. Unbelievable! Hope they have fun smashing it. Will’s is next weekend. No party planned yet and he has already found my trunk hiding place for one present. I am an IDIOT.

    Have a great day. That fish is better than the real one by far.

  4. Holy cow, I mean Holy Angler Fish! That thing is a work of art!!!

  5. First of all, your daughter is awesome – the angler fish is one of my favorite animals, too! Secondly, your husband is awesome – that pinata is absurdly cool. Oh yeah – one more thing: NICE moose toy. :)

  6. That’s fantastic!
    Lucky Stella and hope she had a great party (how could she not with that pinata?) :)

  7. That is amazing.

  8. Wow. There’d have to be some pretty darn good loot in there to entice me to smash that beauty. Good luck with the party.

  9. Love the pinata, Julie. It’s beautiful. The angler fish, not so beautiful.

  10. This is so much better than the year I got a demand for a piñata seconds before the party and filled and decorated a paper grocery bag… And tried to hold it away from me as they OUCH swung at it! Happy birthday fellow September birthday kiddo!

  11. LOL! That piñata looks great! Freakishly wonderful in fact! Good job! :)

  12. agreed the angler fish is awesome though this pinata is epic! i get a little nervous when kids pinatas are of their beloved tv friends, like emlo and then they are to smash it, though i would have a hard time taking a stick to this one cause its just so beautiful

  13. That is so cool! I’ve never made a pinata before. The kids get whatever the party store has that most closely matches their theme.

  14. amazing! they just keep getting better and better. wish i could smash it with you guys.

  15. That’s a work of art! The teeth look awesome. I have no idea how you made them!

  16. I definitly want one for my next birthday. Paula would only let me have a pirate last time.

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  18. does your hubby want to make a reproduction to sell for my son’s 1st birthday?

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