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Saguenay Series, Part 4: Vive le Québec! Vive le Saguenay!

Okay, so! My trip to Northern Quebec! There is a lot to tell; I almost don’t know where to start. But I guess the beginning is always a good place …

I was invited by Quebec’s Ministry of Tourism to attend a press trip which would share with me six different family travel ideas from the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean area. But in reality, the trip was so well-organized and the area has so much to offer that I’ve come home with countless things that I want to share with you! And certainly not just family stories, because as I see it, the area has extremely broad appeal. Whether you’re a foodie, a cycling fanatic, outdoors lover or artisan, you’ll be able to find enjoyment and inspiration in this neck of our Canadian woods.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share my experiences and recommendations to you via my own little blog here — and elsewhere. If I didn’t like a spot, found it over-priced or just plain dull, then I won’t bother writing about it. If, after all that, you find that I bored you to death … can you do me a big favour and let me know? I’m still working out what is of interest to you or not, and more than anything, I want to write something that will keep you coming back to share coffee with me!


  1. I’m working on the family post right now and REALLY falling in love with Quebec!

  2. I’m fairly sure that your host for your Saguenay adventure was my daughter, Nancy Donnelly. I hope she treated you well!

  3. Thank you, Julie, for your email confirming that your host for your Saguenay travels was my daughter, Nancy Donnelly. She and her family (husband Brent, daughter Jamie, and son Liam) have made a smooth transition from Kitimat in British Colombia to become full-fledged citizens of that beautiful and unique country of Lac St Jean.

    It was Nancy who first brought your blog to my attention. Although I operate my own website and blog, and have read Mitch Joel’s “Six Pixels of Separation”, I have not used socal media to promote my two projects (“Heritage Tierworker” and my memoir “The Eyes That Shone”).

    I’d be very interested in any comments that the community of “Coffee with Julie” might offer to steer me in the right direction by broadening my network of communication.

    I acknowledge that your demographic and mine are quite different (altough some of our common roots go back to that beautiful Ottawa suburb of Briargreen in Old Nepean), but the name of the game is to cross these boundaries and let travel be a part of our education.

    So what does “Coffee with Julie” have to say on this dilemma!?

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