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How Does Your Garden Grow?

This will be our third summer in our new home, and each year we (er, correction: the “royal we”) put in a small veggie and herb garden into a  bed that’s on the side of the house. The kids love the entire process — planting, watering, watching the growth, and then picking their own food from their own garden. Here’s how ours is looking so far.

Vegetable garden


We’ve got red peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, green onions, beans and all sorts of herbs on the go. Nothing better than fresh herbs on a summer meal!

Do you plant any herbs or vegetables in your yard? Which ones are your favourite?


  1. Allison McCaskill says:

    There’s a canoe in my herb garden at the moment. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. ashley picco says:

    We just planted tomatoes and strawberries – looking forward to our first crop! Next year we may add in cucumbers and onions – I would like to be able to grow my ingredients for greek salad

  3. NinjaMommers says:

    I would love to garden, but we are renting currently and we haven’t started planting things. I am super jealous!.

  4. I love growing zucchinni but they take over my garden and I always have to share bc I get way too much. But, they are good to shred and freeze

  5. multitestingmommy says:

    My garden grows wild b/c I don’t love to garden – lol

  6. I didn’t plant yet. I am planning on planting peppers, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers

  7. Javamom says:

    Last year I commenced planting in the front of the house. HA! I have afternoon sun there and the tomatoes and cucumbers LOVED it up there. I planted ornamental flowers and edible herbs in between them, too, including rainbow swiss chard which we took young and ate raw in salads. This year I added celery (even though I hate celery but the guinea pig deserves tasty leaves to nibble on, too) and I’m still searching for a spot to grow squash. We grew the little ornamental pumpkin ones, the size of your hand, for Halloween and they were a hit (but took over everything, the speed at which they were growing).

    A note on strawberries – we gave up. Squirrels and birds took most of them, no matter what we tried (hanging basket, under cover, etc). So now we just go pick those at a farm.


  8. We have a fruit & vegetable garden as our backyard. There are the staples like tomatoes and cucumbers, raspberries and pears… there’s some squash varieties that I can’t name offhand and some truly red vibrant carrots (the seeds came from India I think…), which are much sweeter than their orange counterparts. :) Our summer pasta sauces taste so much better with the home grown tomatoes!

  9. Kim mcDonald says:

    I have a small container garden right now, lettuce, herbs and tomatoes. Next year I’m hoping to dig up all the dead grass beside the fence and put in an actual garden to share with my kids. Some of my favorite childhood memories are gardening with my mom and Grandma

  10. I’ve purchased tomato plants and herbs but haven’t gotten them in the ground yet! Love the look of your flower beds.

  11. Julia Gabriel says:

    I want to do this with my kids again. We had a small garden one summer and the kids loved it, but there just wasn’t enough sun. Hopefully our next home has the space.

  12. On the deck I’ve got potatoes growing in a barrel (well really a well-drained garbage pail shh!), strawberries in a topsy-turvy, herbs in a container, cherry toms and a pepper in a container. Then in the yard I’ve got a shade bed with celery, radishes, lettuce, and peas, and the main bed has toms, beans, broccoli, carrots, and…well you see I started a cuke, pumpkin and zucchini but only 2 survived…and I don’t know which two so it’s a mystery for a bit longer lol. As for favorites, I love snipping fresh herbs. V’s partial to the cherry toms, and so far this year, the hanging strawberries *g*

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